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Jamie Lee Curtis Wrote To Disney About Freaky Friday 2

Jamie Lee Curtis is so passionate about creating a Freaky Friday 2 that she’s already written to Disney pitching various ideas for the possible sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis has written letters to Disney about the possibility of a Freaky Friday 2. In 1976 Disney took the rather obscure children’s novel Crazy Friday by Mary Rodgers and adapted it into a comedy feature starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris. The film immediately became a classic and was even nominated for three Golden Globes. The plot revolves around a woman and her teenage daughter who disagree and see that the other has a better life. As the title suggests, the two eventually switch bodies on Friday the 13th and literally have to walk in each other’s shoes to better understand the other.


Although written as a one-off, Crazy Friday remained one of Disney’s recognizable IPs. A remake of a TV movie was produced in 1995, followed by a 2003 theatrical remake starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. In 2018, a Disney Channel Original Movie remake was produced which was based on the 2016 musical production. Despite this, the 2003 version is considered the most memorable of all because of the performances of the two protagonists. Curtis has praised Crazy Friday and has openly expressed an interest in producing a continuation of the film starring Lohan.

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While speaking on The view, Curtis goes into extra detail about wanting to reprise her role of Tess (and Anna) Coleman alongside Lohan. The 64-year-old humorously puts forth her hopes of wanting to return to the role, having built a good relationship with Disney while working on the upcoming film. haunted house remake as Madame Leota, by plainly saying that she is open to all things creative. Curtis admits:

I’ve already written to Disney, my friends at Disney… creative I’m wide open… Let me be the granny, let me be the old granny switching places… so then Lindsay becomes the sexy granny who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon… I’d love to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I’d love to see me try and hang out with toddlers today. I want to be a helicopter parent in today’s world.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ enthusiasm is good news for Freaky Friday 2

Curtis became a breakthrough star with the horror film Halloween, who cemented her as the Scream Queen. Over time, she began venturing into other film projects and genres, establishing herself as an iconic actor in her own right. Curtis continued to show an interest in doing smaller projects, and her enthusiasm for making Freaky Friday 2 shows her dedication to the film. The fact that she openly discusses the idea of ​​a sequel and has urged Disney about it shows her seriousness in making Freaky Friday 2. It also suggests that something like this could actually happen; if Curtis gets Lohan on board, Disney may be persuaded to give the project the green light.

The fact that Curtis and Disney have had conversations about… Freaky Friday 2 is great news for fans of the original film. In recent years, Disney has been open to producing more content based on older IPs, from the recent Hocus pocus 2 to the coming Sister Act 3. These feature films also have the added benefit of bringing actors back and allowing them to revive their characters. Curtis’ allegiance and plot suggestions also show that there is more to tell with the surreal and comedic story of a mother and daughter’s very unusual day, offering unique ideas for what else lies ahead.

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Source: The view

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