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Jamie Lee Curtis Kept 1 Prop From EEAAO Set (But Didn’t Know What It Was)

Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Everything Everywhere All At Once, reveals that she kept a unique prop from the film set, but didn’t know what it was.

Everything everywhere at once star, Jamie Lee Curtis, revealed that she kept a prop from the film set, but didn’t know what it was. In the science fiction film, Curtis plays Deirdre Beaubeirdra, an IRS inspector who must check Evelyn Wang’s (Michelle Yeoh) laundromat. The bizarre film revolves around Wang, who discovers that she has access to both memories and abilities of different versions of herself in parallel universes. Released in March, Everything everywhere at once has received universal critical acclaim, sitting on a 95% Fresh rating on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.


Written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the multi-faceted action film embraced the infinite possibilities offered by the premise and created some of the wildest images to be seen on film all year, including a universe where people have hot dog fingers and another. where a teppanyaki chef — clearly inspired by Ratatouille — uses a raccoon under his chef’s hat to help him cook. In order for Evelyn to take advantage of the abilities of her various counterparts, she must perform a specific act to activate the link between universes, such as cutting herself on paper or chewing gum that someone else has already chewed. During one battle series, Evelyn’s enemy had to stab an IRS trophy in his ass in order to utilize the martial arts skills of another version. Fortunately, the trophy was shaped like a butt plug.

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while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her latest film, Halloween endsCurtis admitted she had a unique prop of the Everything everywhere at once set. Early in the film, when Evelyn visits the IRS to discuss her finances, Deirdre points out her multiple trophies for Auditor of the Month: “You don’t get this one unless you’ve seen a lot of bullshitCurtis revealed that she still has one of those prop trophies and didn’t realize it was butt plugs until she saw the movie in a movie theater. Read what the actor said below.

I’ve got the butt plug trophy… Here’s what you need to know. It is very important that you know this. I didn’t know it was a butt plug. I do not have.

The day we shot that scene, and I kept going back and touching it saying, “You’re not getting any of these,” I didn’t know. Everyone laughed. I just thought I was funny. I didn’t know until I saw the movie in theaters […]

Our props master Josh gave it to me as a parting gift from the movie.

Is everything everywhere at once 2 a possibility?

While Kwan and Scheinert’s set their sights on the small screen with a Showtime comedy starring Steven Yuen, many have wondered if Everything everywhere at once will ever get a sequel. With the film-making duo recently shutting down old rumors of sequels, the multiverse movie’s chances of building into a franchise are slim. However, due to the nature of the film’s unique conceit, there is a lot of potential to continue Everything everywhere at once‘s story.

With the storyline of Evelyn and her family coming to a happy ending at the end of the film, there’s still a chance that the multi-faceted story will be continued by a separate character. Although Evelyn and Deirdre made amends and embraced, the accountant still has issues with their taxes and seems to be emotionally unfulfilled. Deidre can lead the film’s next chapter as she navigates the multiverse to solve her personal problems while delving deeper into the complexities of the parallel universes. Barring updates from Kwan and Scheinert, fans will have to wait to see if Everything everywhere at once will ever get a sequel.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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