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Jamie Lee Curtis Has Hilarious Response To The Halloween Trauma Meme

Jamie Lee Curtis responds to a meme that denounces her promotion of the Halloween movies and how she emphasizes the trauma theme of the franchise.

Halloween ends star Jamie Lee Curtis responds to the viral meme that tops all the times she talks about the reboot franchise’s trauma themes while promoting the film. Halloween ends will be the latest trilogy of Halloween movies starting in 2018, with Curtis pulling out of her iconic role as Laurie Strode. The film is slated for theatrical release on October 14, and will also be available to stream at Peacock’s paid tiers for 60 days.


Halloween ends takes place four years after the events of Halloween killsand sees Laurie face off against masked serial killer Michael Myers for the last time after he disappeared following his latest frenzy in Halloween kills. The trilogy is a continuation of the original Halloween 1978 film thematically deals with Laurie’s mental state after surviving Myers’ first killing spree. The thematic weight brought extra depth in 2018 Halloween and helped it rise above the traditional slasher formula.

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On Twitter, Pop Crave posts a video of Curtis at New York Comic-Con, where she responds to the viral meme of her promoting the film. The meme in question trumps all the times she uses the word “trauma” to describe the themes of Halloween, with the humor that comes in part from her unique pronunciation of the word. After saying it again, she makes it clear that she saw the meme and calls it “funnybefore spitting out some colorful words for the person who made it, causing the audience to burst out laughing. Read her quote below:

…Laurie and her trauma. And I’ve seen the f**king meme, so don’t worry. It was funny. But the movie also made a huge fortune, so f**k you.

How Trauma Will Be Further Investigated During Halloween Ends

With high expectations for Halloween endsCurtis does the press circuit as the face of the franchise, and the meme tells of how often actors get the same questions during interviews. Curtis’ reaction seems to be dry amusement, and… Halloween made over $250 million at the box office, so it’s clear she isn’t bothered by the meme. Of course, after such a storied and memorable career, it would take more to surprise the accomplished performer.

HalloweenThe themes of trauma and PTSD reflect the time when it was created, because in 1978, such topics were not even considered. As funny as the meme is, it’s also important not to ignore the themes of the artwork itself, as art is one of the best ways to convey ideas and deeper meanings. Hopefully, Halloween ends will be able to get around the problems Halloween kills had, and have the same thematic weight as Halloweenincluding bringing Laurie’s trauma to a satisfying narrative payoff.

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Source: Pop Crave/Twitter

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