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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prophet Movie Update Shared By Creator Rob Liefeld

Prophet creator Rob Liefeld provides an update on the planned adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Deadpool mastermind Liefeld first launched Image Comics’ prophet in 1992 Youngblood #2. The super soldier character has since starred in four of his own comic book series, the last of which started in 2016.

About Liefeld’s Prophet made the leap from the pages of comics to the big screen, the first hints of this emerging in 1995 when Tristar Pictures bought the film rights to the series. But development on a Prophet The film only really took off in 2018, when Studio 8 acquired the rights. In the coming years it was announced that Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim would take on screenwriting Prophetwith Gyllenhaal on board to shine and Extraction helmer Sam Hargrave directing. Sadly fans haven’t heard anything more about it Prophet as these moves were revealed in 2021.


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But now Liefeld has spoken out to give Prophet fans an update on the status of the film, and his news is encouraging to say the least. Speak with ComicBook.comLiefeld indicated that Prophet is still very much on track, with producers just waiting for Gyllenhaal and Hargrave to finish their currently filming projects. Check out his comments in the space below:

“Jake came up as a producer. The design that is now being completed is an improvement on the second act. There was a sequence added where everyone was like, ‘How did we never think of that?’ Prophet is like… I wish I could share the screenplay with everyone It’s that old saying: if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the screen Marc Guggenheim, his design got us Sam Hargrave, us Jake Gyllenhaal worried how good the paper is… But we always knew Jake was making Road House right now Sam would never be done with Extraction 2 even a year ago there were 13, 14 months. So we In the movie business, you just hope your key contributors stay on board, and as of today, Jake is fully involved, taking notes, taking meetings, shaping the movie, and Sam is away from Extraction 2 in his spare time, is it “Keep shaping. I’m super excited, I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s a big deal.”

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Gyllenhaal & Liefeld’s Prophet Movie Is Still On Track

It happens all the time that movies are announced and everyone involved is very excited, only that the projects in question fall by the wayside without explanation. Liefeld’s Prophet however, seems very much alive after a year without significant updates. The writing process has moved beyond Guggenheim’s first draft, as Liefeld pointed out, and Gyllenhaal and Hargrave are both still very much on board. Hargrave actually worked on the film without slacking on Netflix’s highly anticipated Chris Hemsworth vehicle Extraction 2.

It may come as no surprise that Prophet is still something Studio 8 is committed to, given the enormous success of Deadpool, Liefeld’s most famous comic book creation. It remains to be seen, of course, whether Prophet ultimately translates to both the big screen and Deadpool. But as of now, it looks like the movie is moving forward with a good clip, with full involvement from the key creatives brought on board. As it is still at a very early stage in the process, it is no surprise that Prophet has no release date yet.

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