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Jaime Lee Curtis Says Goodbye To Laurie Strode In New Video

forward Halloween ends, Jamie Lee Curtis bids farewell to her most iconic character, Laurie Strode. While Curtis has acted in many genres during her distinguished four-decade career in Hollywood, she is best known as the scream queen and last girl for her roles in the Halloween franchise as well as The fog and Gala night in 1980, and road games in 1981. The actor also stars in Disney+’s The haunted house reboot as Madame Leota and continue her storied career with horror. Curtis first played Laurie in John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween, and was one of the first horror heroines to return to a long-dormant 2018 Halloween franchise directed by David Gordon Green, a trend continued by the scream franchise like others.


Halloween ends will deliver the conclusion to Green’s Halloween reboot trilogy, coming after 2021 Halloween dead. kills witnessed one of Myers’ bloodiest disaster yet, when he killed a mob of civilians and finished it off by murdering Laurie’s daughter, Karen (Judy Greer). The trailers and marketing for Halloween ends teased the final battle between Laurie and Myers, confirming that the film will be Laurie’s final appearance in the saga. After more than forty years in the role, Curtis has an emotional exit ahead of him, as do fans of the famous last girl.

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In a new video titled “Jamie’s Journey”, released by Universal photosCurtis bids farewell to her beloved character. In the featurette, Curtis rehearses the previously teased brutal kitchen fight and is cheered on by the film’s cast and crew, presumably when filming wraps up. After spending 44 years with the character Laurie, the enthusiasm Curtis maintains for the character and the franchise is admirable, and she notes that the film has been an emotional journey for her. See the full video below:

Is Halloween really the end of the franchise?

Though Curtis wraps up the portrayal of her most famous character, her legacy lives on. She was a crucial part of the original Halloween movies and much of what made the reboot work, and her turn as one of the most famous final girls will be missed. Despite the title, this film may not be the end of the… Halloween franchise, as John Carpenter has previously suggested that the Halloween franchise can continue. That said, Laurie is definitely going in with a bang Halloween ends, and while it is unknown if she will survive the film, she confirms her legendary final girl status. Previous trailers have hinted that Laurie will have to die to finally take Myers down for good. However, given Myers’ seemingly indestructible stature, it’s possible the serial killer could make it out of… Halloween ends empathize.

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Whether Myers and/or Laurie die or not, the pressure is on for Halloween ends to deliver a satisfying finale to the characters and their history together, which was 40 years in the making. As for Myers, given the box office projections for: Halloween ends, predicting that the film will surpass its predecessor $40 million, it is unlikely that the film Halloween franchise actually expires on October 14. As for how Myers could return in a future reboot after the end of the trilogy, maybe Halloween ends will answer.

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