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Is There Going To Be A Smile 2? What We Know

Smile has exceeded expectations since its release, making Smile 2 feels like a real possibility. The original Smile follows Dr. Rose Cotter, who has seven days to figure out how to successfully evade the demise of a demon after witnessing her patient’s death. Originally slated for a direct release on Paramount+, Smile performed so well with the test audience that it got a theatrical release. Due to its unique marketing strategy and box office success, a sequel could be a huge success.


Despite Smile’s unexpected box office success, a sequel has yet to be officially announced. While Smile could lead to a successful franchise, the future of the story is currently unclear. Everything is known about this Smile 2 at this point, including the potential story, cast, and release date.

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Will Smile 2 Happen?

although Smile has been a successful horror entry, it’s unclear if there will be a sequel in the franchise’s future. Director Parker Finn has stated that while there are currently no plans for a continuation of SmileBut he’s not against it either. “As for me… I never want to undergo a renewal and just do something that I’ve already done in the exact same way. In a universe where there could be potential — more story to tell from Smile, I’d like to make sure it was surprising and different and not what people expected after the firstsaid Finn (via ComicBook.com). So while Smile doesn’t currently have a sequel in the works, there doesn’t seem to be one in the future either.

Smile 2 Cast: Who Can Return?

Due to the eventful end of Smileit is unlikely that Smile 2 could follow Sosie Bacon’s Rose again, but there are still plenty of cast members who could return. Kyle Gallner, who plays Rose’s detective ex-boyfriend Joel, could return for… Smile 2, now with a new twist on the story, given his exposure to the demon through Rose. Jesse T. Usher (Rose’s fiancée Trevor) and Gillian Zinser (Holly, Rose’s sister) were also both able to come back for Smile 2 as they grapple with Rose’s tragic fate. Robin Weigert would also reprise her role as Rose’s therapist, Dr. Madeline Northcott, can resume. After all, every horror movie needs its monster, meaning Marti Matulis returns if The Smile Monstrosity would be a must for Smile 2.

Smile 2 Story: Where the Franchise Could Go

Given the nature of Smile, the sequel could go in multiple directions. A possible follow-up could be Joel, who would try to outrun the demon after witnessing Rose’s death by picking up where Rose left off in her investigation of the Smile curse. Not only would Joel be under the pressure of seven days to avoid his death, but as the last person to see Rose alive, he’d have a lot of questions to answer. However, based on director Parker Finn’s statements, the next part could also come in the form of a prequel or a spin-off that explores the world of Smile and the horror landscape, so there are limitless possibilities for the following Smile story.

Smile 2 release date prediction

Based on director Parker Finn’s comments, it doesn’t appear that… Smile 2 will be released in the near future. Sequels usually take at least two years to develop, so if Smile 2 is announced, it could hit theaters in 2024 or 2025 at the earliest. Unfortunately, as Finn doesn’t seem to have any plans for a Smile sequel in the making, Smile 2 probably years away.

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