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Invisible Demons Documentary Exposes Climate Change In India [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

screen frenzy is exclusively allowed to present a clip from the award-winning documentary on climate change Invisible Demons, which is currently streaming on MUBI. Filmmaker Rahul Jain (Machinery) heads the exposé, which already premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. The new documentary focuses on Delhi and examines how India’s growing economy has adversely affected the environment. Given that some of the largest countries in the world deny, or at least refuse to acknowledge, climate change, Jain’s breathtaking cinematography is meant to open the eyes of society.


In its tight 70 minute runtime, Invisible Demons takes the public on a tour of present-day Delhi, complete with vivid images and personal stories from the residents. Produced by Iikka Vehkalahti and Heino Deckert and executive produced by the contestant’s Jeff Skoll and Diane Weyermann, along with Frank Lehmann, the topical documentary attempts to engage viewers in an ongoing debate. Whether modernity is worth sacrificing our planet’s environment, people everywhere deserve access to clean air and water, raising the question of how technology and nature can coexist.

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screen frenzy‘s exclusive clip from Invisible Demons, which you can view above, focuses on the Yamuna River. Located in Delhi, the river was once pristine and considered sacred because Yamuna was the daughter of Lord Sun according to sacred texts, as well as the sister of Yamraj (the God of Death) and Shani (the God of punishment). Furthermore, at the end was the historic Red Fort and furthermore served to keep the water clean. However, the current generation has never seen the river its true bright color due to the bad pollution.

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India is a microcosm for the world in invisible demons

Delhi is a huge city, making it a perfect example of the effects of climate change and the need for alternative energy methods. With thirty million citizens struggling to survive in its toxic environment, it cannot be dismissed as an outlier. Invisible Demons is an urgent call to action and a thoughtful analysis of the situation.

Founded in 2004 by chairman Jeff Skoll, Participant aims to bring together art and activism with its global content. In its short history, it has already garnered 85 Academy Award nominations for its many films, be it fiction or non-fiction. Some of the biggest wins are Best photo for Spotlight and Green BookBest documentary for An inconvenient truth and American Factory, and Best Foreign Language Film for Rome and A fantastic woman.

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Invisible Demons is currently available to stream exclusively on MUBI.



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