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Hugh Jackman Reveals Favorite Superhero Movie (It’s Not What You’d Expect)

Hugh Jackman revealed that despite playing Wolverine in the X-Men film series, his favorite superhero movies don’t come from a Marvel property.

Although he is best known for playing Wolverine in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman’s favorite superhero movie doesn’t play a Marvel character. Jackman has portrayed Wolverine since the first X-Men film in 2000. The film pioneered the story of multiple super-powered heroes working together in a single film, something that would be replicated in The Avengers by Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios over a decade later. Ever since X-Menhas brought Jackman James Howlett to the big screen 8 more times, including 2017’s critically acclaimed Loganwhich was used as a sender for the character.


Despite LoganAfter finally dealing with Wolverine’s fate, Jackman returns to the role in Deadpool 3 on November 8, 2024. His opponent, Ryan Reynolds, brings his version of the mercenary with a mouth from 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film series to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Details about the film are currently scarce, but Jackman and Reynolds are incredibly excited about the film. Reynolds had been pushing for a Deadpool and Wolverine crossover movie when Disney initially acquired Fox. But while Jackman is happy to reprise his role as Wolverine, his favorite superhero movies – surprisingly – aren’t Marvel movies.

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In an interview with VarietyJackman revealed that his favorite superhero movie is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. He said he also admired Richard Donner’s Superman starring Christopher Reeve as the titular character growing up. Watch Jackman’s full statement below:

My favorite superhero movie? Growing up, the first Superman. That was a game changer. Dick Donner movie, Christopher Reeve. I’m going to say, I’m thinking of one of the Nolan Batmans. I’m going for Dark Knight.

The Importance of Superman and the Dark Knight

Jackman’s picks for favorite superhero movies are admirable, because both Superman and The Dark Knight are just as important to the history of superhero movies as X-Men is. Superman was the first superhero film to gain mainstream popularity in 1978, serving as DC’s first big-budget superhero film. Critics and audiences alike were fascinated by Reeve’s portrayal of Clark Kent, as well as his battle against Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. Without Superman‘s commercial and critical success, it’s possible that some of the biggest superhero franchises today, including the ever-expanding MCU, may not have seen the level of popularity they have today.

The Dark Knight was a game-changer in another sense, showing that a superhero movie can be presented in a darker, more dramatic way to an older audience without losing what made it a superhero movie. Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger were widely recognized for their portrayals of Batman and the Joker, and Ledger even received a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar. The Dark Knight helped set the tone for the DCEU’s first few films, with films like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with similar presentations to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Though surprising that his favorite superhero movie isn’t a Marvel movie, despite his famous X-Men role, Hugh Jackman’s favorite movies are still historical monuments to the superhero genre that paved the golden road that superhero movies walk today.

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Source: Variety

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