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Hugh Jackman Quotes Wolverine in Funny Ryan Reynolds Birthday Video

In honor of Ryan Reynolds’ 46th birthday, Hugh Jackman sends a hilarious birthday wish with an iconic quote from Marvel’s Wolverine.

Of Deadpool 3 on the horizon, Hugh Jackman saw fit to send Ryan Reynolds a hilarious birthday video with a Wolverine quote. Canadian-American actor Reynolds turned 46 on October 23, 2022 and has received a slew of birthday wishes. He is best known for his role as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. The first two Deadpool movies were distributed by 20th Century Fox, but Disney’s acquisition of the studio means Disney now owns the rights to Deadpool and the X-Men. As result, Deadpool 3which premieres on November 8, 2024, is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).


Not only is Deadpool 3 taking place in the MCU, but it has been confirmed that Jackman will appear in the film as Wolverine. Jackman played Wolverine in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film series from 2000 to 2017. After starring in Logan in 2017, Jackman pulled out of the role and was quite adamant that he wouldn’t be returning as Wolverine. However, in September 2022, he casually retired from the role, announcing the news in a short, humorous video featuring Reynolds. In light of the recent news, Jackman sent a very Wolverine themed birthday wish to Reynolds.

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Jackman took to Twitter to share a birthday message with his Deadpool 3 co-star. The video shows Jackman holding a cupcake with a lit candle and humming the tune of the song “Happy Birthday.” He has also been seen for portraits of Reynolds that Reynolds donated to Jackman on one of his recent birthdays. After humming the song, he turns to Reynolds, reminding him that this is also one of Wolverine’s most iconic quotes from Marvel Comics,”I am the best there is at what I do. But what I do is not very nice.Watch the video along with Reynold’s cheeky response above.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3 is a big deal

The funny birthday message is just another reminder of the impending appearance of the actors on screen together. Meanwhile, the focus is on Jackman’s return to Deadpool 3 is justified as it was a huge surprise for everyone. While many fans had hoped for a Deadpool and Wolverine movie starring Reynolds and Jackman, it seemed hopeless after Jackman retired. Plus, with Wolverine now officially in the MCU, the possibilities are endless. Many long-held hopes for his character could potentially come true, such as donning his comic book-accurate yellow suit or even joining the Avengers.

While Jackman’s first portrayal of Wolverine was iconic, there’s no denying that there were limitations due to 20th Century Fox owning the rights to his character. He was forced to live in a very self-contained X-Men series that didn’t have an actual Deadpool and didn’t carry over into the wider MCU at all. Hence his appearance in Deadpool 3 is a big deal because it opens up a lot of possibilities and could fix any shortcomings with its initial rendering and storyline. Deadpool 3 can also be R-rated, with violence and humor that will do justice to their comic book counterparts. Not to mention that the chemistry between Reynolds and Jackman is incredible – as evidenced by their constant chatter, both online and in person – and their upcoming reunion in the MCU is sure to benefit.

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