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Hocus Pocus 3 Return Addressed By Original Allison, Max & Binx Actors

The original young actors of Hocus Pocus indicate that they are interested in returning for a third film. Hocus pocus 2 saw the return of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi as the witches known as the Sanderson sisters. The actors reprized their roles from the 1993 film nearly three decades later, offering fans of the original cult classic a seasonal, nostalgia-laden treat. although Hocus pocus 2 brought back the iconic witches (as well as Doug Jones’ Billy Butcherson), they hunted a new group of kids in the sequel, leaving fans wondering why the original actors didn’t all return.


In hocus pocus, the Sanderson sisters were summoned by Omri Katz’s character Max, a teenager whose family had just moved to Salem. Max accidentally brings the Sanderson sisters to life by lighting the Black Flame Candle, putting himself, his beloved Allison (Vinessa Shaw) and especially his younger sister Dani (Thora Birch) in danger. The kids spend most of the film with Thackery Binx (voiced by Jason Marsden), a black cat who, originally a child, was cursed by the witches. None of those essential characters returned for Hocus pocus 2, revealing that they were never called back by the producers, who chose to focus on a new group of kids with no cameos from the original group.

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During Weekly entertainmentDuring the recent cast roundtable, the actors expressed their interest in returning for a third film, despite their absence from the sequel. Katz said he would take the opportunity, while Marsden also stated he would love to be involved as well. Both Shaw and Katz elaborated further, with Katz even coming up with a way to allow for a third film. See their comments below:

Shaw: “It’s such a fun story, and when we reminisce about this, it naturally gets a lot more fun and the love continues to grow,”

Katz: “It’s such a fun story, and it’s clear that as we reminisce about this, it becomes much more fun and the fondness continues to grow. Who says there has to be continuity in terms of the story? You can make any story If she took the book and turned it into a screenplay, it doesn’t have to be the witches coming back, they can just do whatever they want, and people will be excited to see it anyway. 30 years older, so we need to get this done ASAP. We can’t wait another 30 years. Sorry, it’s the truth! I’m sure Bette doesn’t want to do this at 98.”

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Why weren’t the original kids in Hocus Pocus 2?

Although it is a shame that Katz, Marsden, Shaw and Birch are not included in Hocus pocus 2 despite their interest and the audience’s desire to see them again, it made sense to the film’s storyline that they weren’t asked back, given that the “kids” are much older now and the witches prey on kids. However, in typical legacy sequel fashion, they can be featured in cameos or even as adults with their own children moving on in a possible third installment. The witches remain an essential part of the movie franchise, but it would be interesting to see them interacting with the kids as adults as Hocus pocus 3 would blossom.

As for the Sanderson sisters, Midler has expressed her interest in returning for a third film, as long as the plot makes sense. Plus, Disney seems to be teasing the possibility of a third movie, with the ending of Hocus pocus 2 contribute to that speculation. if Hocus pocus 3 happens, Katz is right in saying it wouldn’t last as long as the sequel, especially as interest has been clearly identified based on the streaming success of Hocus pocus 2. Ever since Hocus pocus 2 delivered a lot of nostalgia along with the humor of seeing the witches in a modern setting, Hocus pocus 3 could tie the sequel and the original together by bringing back the original pup Hocus Pocus stars and give them a new story.

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Source: EW



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