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Hocus Pocus 2’s Universe-Breaking Easter Egg Explained by Director

Director Anne Fletcher explains that very strange universe-breaking Easter egg in Hocus pocus 2. When Disney came out Hocus Pocus in 1993, the Bette Midler-led Halloween movie failed to win at the box office and earn the favor of critics. However, the film started to gain a cult following, and in the years since, it has now been classified as a Halloween classic. Hocus Pocuswhich is about three Salem-era witches who are brought back to life in the ’90s to run amok, has been played over and over on television, well-represented during the season at Disney theme parks, and is one of Midler’s favorites. roll movies.


Many years after the first, a Hocus Pocus the sequel went into production and was released on Disney+ in 2022. The new film reunites Midler, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Doug Jones as their characters are brought back together for another night of Halloween mischief. Hocus pocus 2 makes many callbacks and references to the first film, but one Easter egg left viewers scratching their heads and questioning the film’s logic. Halfway through Hocus pocus 2the Sandersons are looking for Mayor Traske, and Winnifred peeks through a window to see a couple watching the first Hocus Pocus. In particular, the scene with Garry and Penny Marshall, which leaves a strange plot hole.

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Hocus pocus 2 director Anne Fletcher now speaks with Weekly entertainment about the film and goes deeper into that moment. Fletcher’s main reason for shooting the original film was that she could honor the Marshalls in her own way. She explains:

I always knew I wanted to make a scene from [the] original movie on tv because i thought it would be fun and true to modern halloween, with fans always watching Hocus Pocus. My editor, Julia [Wong] and I ended up on the cameo with Garry and Penny because it’s one of the funniest parts of the movie, and their characters are so loved by everyone – myself included – that it just felt right to put Garry and Penny in this movie.

How Hocus Pocus 2 Honors the Original Movie

In the same play, Lilia Buckingham, who plays Cassie in Hocus pocus 2, offers her own in-universe theory of why the clip from the first movie is playing. Throughout the sequel, people are shown dressed as the Sandersons in various semi-accurate costumes, and at one point, a couple identified as Fletcher and the film’s client, Salvador Perez, are seen dressed as Garry and Penny Marshall’s. Hocus Pocus characters. Buckingham argues that the events of Hocus Pocus were adapted into a movie in the movie’s universe and thus also became a cultural phenomenon.

While it’s still an unusual Easter egg, Fletcher’s explanation for it is Hocus pocus 2 television scene does add some sentimentality to that. The loss of Garry Marshall in 2016 and Penny Marshall in 2018 hit a lot of people, and despite playing a small part in the original Hocus Pocus, they still left a big impression with their comedic scene. Buckingham’s in-universe theory also adds to that warmth because it shows that while critics and audiences didn’t understand the film at the time, Hocus Pocus has received more praise in later years and is welcomed with open arms every Halloween season. It has evolved beyond its original reception into a very special thing, and Hocus pocus 2 found plenty of ways to honor that.

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