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Hocus Pocus 2’s Scrapped Dani Plans Revealed By Thora Birch

Warning: Mild SPOILERS are ahead Hocus pocus 2.Thora Birch, the actor who once played precocious Dani Dennison in the Halloween classic Hocus Pocushas revealed what a possible storyline is for her character in the newly released Hocus pocus 2 would have looked like if she had taken her part. In the original film, Birch, only 11 years old when the film premiered, played the confident younger sister of the protagonist Max, whose flair for the dramatic and wisdom beyond her years has made her a fan favorite to this day. . Those who fell in love with her on-screen charm in the original Hocus Pocus were disappointed to learn that Dani, along with most of the main characters from the first film, would not be returning in the highly anticipated Hocus pocus 2.


As the Sanderson Sisters, played by Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, have been resurrected to haunt modern-day Salem once again in the sequel, they’ll star alongside three new young characters in place of the kids responsible for rescuing of the city in the first film, directed by Max Dennison, played by Omri Katz. Due to the time jump and new story, producers have indicated that fitting in the original characters wouldn’t have made sense logistically. However, those involved in the film, from the producers to the actors, have assured fans that this decision was not made without consultation.

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In time for the sequel’s release, Thora Birch revealed to: the cover the discarded plans for Dani’s return in Hocus pocus 2. The original movie actor said she wants her character to take charge of the Sanderson Sisters cottage museum, where she would almost help pass the torch to the new cast of protagonists. Check out what Birch shared below:

There were about two or three different versions of Dani. My ideal was to have her run the museum of the house, to keep a little eye on it, to make sure you know it’s not happening again or whatever. And then she’d want to guide whoever brings it back. But that was just my thought. There were a few other ideas…there were several options, and all of them would have worked. The fans’ question about it is actually what interested me in the idea of, ‘Okay, well, if it happened, what would that look like?’ And I was a supporter for a long time. Once I came to the conclusion that the fans really wanted it, you can’t deny the fans. Keep the franchise going, right? Why not? So then I thought, ‘Okay, whatever they come up with, I’ll see. I’ll wait and see what they come up with.’ And then I really did [want to be part of it]Because they did that, they came up with a good story and a premise, and they conceived and changed it, and I think it kind of goes in a different direction. But it also has all the old stuff. And yes, just to see the witches back together like, uh, hello, of course everyone wants to see that!

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Can Dani return for a potential Hocus Pocus 3?

Interestingly, the original plans for Dani’s Hocus pocus 2 returning as the custodian of the Sanderson sisters’ house that had been turned into a museum would still make its way onto the screen, only for Sam Richardson’s new character, Gilbert, who inhabited the witches’ former home. In addition, the film saw Gilbert turn the building into a magical store and help bring the Sandersons back to life, having become fascinated with them after seeing their resurrection in the original. Hocus Pocus. Since it is unclear whether Dani’s Hocus pocus 2 story was reworked for Gilbert, it can also be speculated that she ran the magic shop with Richardson’s character in an earlier version, making his reveal a little more emotional for the audience.

While Birch and the public have expressed disappointment at Dani’s absence in Hocus pocus 2, not all hope is lost. The Sanderson sisters’ actors recently teased a Hocus pocus 3 is being discussed for the foreseeable future, even teasing the possibility of making the threequel animated rather than live-action. Given Hocus pocus 2 Scoring modestly better reviews than its predecessor, and a post-credits incentive pointing to the franchise’s future, The Sanderson Sisters and Dani may see the Sanderson sisters and Dani return to the screen sooner or later.

Source: The Wrap

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