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Hocus Pocus 2 Wastes Hannah Waddingham’s Witch Mother (But That Can Change)

Hocus Pocus 2 wastes Hannah Waddingham’s Witch Mother character by only including her in one scene, but that could turn into a follow-up project.

Hocus pocus 2 Hannah Waddingham’s fun character, The Witch Mother, is vastly underused, but it should take advantage of the character’s huge potential in Hocus pocus 3, or her own spin-off show. Hocus pocus 2 debuted on Disney+ on September 28, 2022 and includes the highly anticipated return of the Sanderson sisters. Nearly thirty years after the three sister witches first appear on screen, the Sandersons are on the hunt for more childhood souls.


This time a flashback scene with Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso) as The Witch Mother, introduces the young Sanderson sisters to a forbidden spell, the Magicae Maxima. This spell offers tremendous power, turning a witch into an all-powerful being. The Witch Mother warns never to use the spell, as it takes a heavy toll on the user. It is later revealed that the cost of the spell is losing what the user loves most. For Winnie Sanderson, this means the loss of Sarah and Mary, her two sisters. Faced with this, Winnie decides that she would rather join them in the afterlife than live without them as an all-powerful witch. Related: Hocus Pocus 2: Every Original Movie Easter Egg & Reference The Witch Mother, played by Hannah Waddingham, was an extremely important and fun character who gave the Sanderson sisters their spellbook and set up the plot of the film, but they were wasted as a character by being included in only one flashback scene. Waddingham, an Emmy award-winning actress, had incredible potential that was largely untapped. Waddingham brings a passionate performance of the new character, Witch Mother, in Hocus pocus 2, and shows an erratic energy with the character who would have done incredibly well interacting with the adult Sandersons during the movie. By limiting her to the flashback sequence, Waddingham had the opportunity to create on-screen chemistry with the likes of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, which would bring new dynamism to the characters and get viewers begging for more. Lake. Not to mention that Waddingham has an incredible singing voice that is only briefly shown in the flashback scene and would have magically combined with the Sanderson sisters for the musical numbers.

How Hannah Waddingham’s Witch Mother May Return in Hocus Pocus 3

Hopefully The Witch Mother’s character can be put to good use in Hocus pocus 3 or even a possible spin-off project focused on The Witch Mother herself. A Hocus pocus 2 post-credit scene shows a box that appears to contain a second black flame candle, the object that revives the Sanderson sisters. The bird form that The Witch Mother’s character changes into can also be seen flying overhead at the end of the film, suggesting she’s still alive in the present. A potential Hocus pocus 3 In one plot, Waddingham’s character could steal the black flame candle and bring the sisters back to life.

Waddingham’s glowing blue eyes in the first flashback sequence are the same as Winnie Sanderson’s after she becomes an all-powerful witch. This suggests that The Witch Mother herself also performed the Magicae Maxima spell at some point. This may also be why The Witch Mother suggests she has no coven, as the spell takes what the user likes most. A spin-off show or a Hocus pocus 3 movie starring The Witch Mother could investigate the character who loses her coven because of the spell and embark on a journey to try and bring them back with the black flame candle. Hocus Pocus 2′s inclusion of Hannah Waddingham’s witch mother in just one flashback scene was a waste of both the character’s potential and Waddingham’s talent and will hopefully be corrected in the future Hocus Pocus project. The Witch Mother’s energy and character are a perfect fit to work with or against the Sanderson sisters. .

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