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Hocus Pocus 2 End-Credits Scene Explained

WARNING! This post contains SPOILERS for Hocus Pocus 2.Hocus pocus 2 has two closing credits scenes, teasing the possibility of another sequel. Hocus pocus 2 has been a long time coming, as the original movie was released 29 years ago in 1993. While the three Sanderson Sisters return for Hocus pocus 2After Halloween night mishaps, most of the sequel features a new cast and characters, keeping the franchise (and the witches’ potential victims) fresh. Despite two different generations of teens having already beaten the resurrected Sandersons, the credits tease that there’s always more to come.


In the original Hocus Pocusthe credits solved a few mysteries left after Max, Dani and Allison defeated the witches. Hocus PocusThe credits showed that the spell that cast the parents’ spell on the town hall was finally broken, with Ice and Jay still trapped in the cages at Sanderson’s house. As Winifred replayed Mary and Sarah’s rendition of “I Put a Spell on You”, Book opened his eyes and proved that their magic was still alive. Hocus pocus 2The scene after the credits similarly confirms that the Sanderson Sisters’ powers may not be gone forever.

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The first credits scene for Hocus pocus 2 sees Winnie, Sarah and Mary perform the original song “The Witches Are Back” in a recording studio. The number was previously used during Hocus pocus 2 when the sisters were first resurrected, leaving Becca and Izzy confused as to why the Sandersons were performing in the middle of the woods. Hocus pocus 2The next scene after the credits shows Gilbert’s black cat Cobweb jumping on various shelves in the magic shop, which was originally the home of the Sandersons. As Cobweb hops on a specific shelf, he reveals a box labeled “BF Candle #2‘, indicating that Gilbert had another Black Flame Candle hidden in the magic shop. This plague is similar to Book’s eye opening in the end credits scene of Hocus Pocus (1993), suggesting that the Sanderson Sisters could be resurrected.

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What Another Black Flame Candle Means For Hocus Pocus 3

The Black Flame Candle is what revives the Sanderson Sisters and gives them their powers and life for Halloween night. The candle only works when lit by a virgin, which is why the witches’ enemies are typically young teenagers. Because after that there is still a Black Flame Candle left Hocus pocus 2Another sequel could investigate if a new group of teens find it and accidentally unleash the witches for the third time.

It’s also possible that the Black Flame Candle can be used to revive the Sanderson Sisters as antiheroes in Hocus pocus 3. New to their powers, Becca, Izzy and Cassie aren’t sure how to use them, so if they were to face an even more powerful villain like the Witch Mother from Hocus pocus 2In the flashback, the teens would probably need help from the more experienced Sanderson Sisters. This use of the Black Flame Candle would also be a way to save Hocus Pocus‘s adventures fresh and exciting, as the franchise hasn’t quite positioned Winifred, Mary and Sarah as the good guys in Salem yet.



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