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Henry Cavill’s Superman Return Can Save Supergirl From The Flash Disaster

Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman Could Make Sasha Calle’s Supergirl a Establishment DCEU character despite the many difficulties behind The flash. After several canceled DC projects, repeated delays and personal controversies from DC actors, directors and producers, it would be an understatement to say that the DCEU has been going through a period of uncertainty. Fortunately, the DCEU seems to be on the right track, and Henry Cavill’s return as Superman after a long absence is a great sign for the entire franchise.


Among the DCEU projects that have passed through multiple obstacles is: The flash. Just two of the most notable issues The flash facing Ezra Miller’s questionable behavior and the film’s uncertain impact on the future of the DCEU, such as the recent changes to Warner Bros.’ plans may clash with his multifaceted story. Now Sasha Calle’s Supergirl May Not Be The Main DCEU Hero Yet The Flash was setting her up. But while Supergirl may no longer be the DCEU’s central “Super” character, she could star alongside Henry Cavill’s Superman in future episodes.

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Cavill’s return could lead to a Superman & Supergirl team in the DCEU

Barry Allen’s journey through the multiverse in The flash suggests that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is from a different universe than Henry Cavill’s Superman. It’s easy to see how Supergirl could have taken his place if Cavill hadn’t returned to the big screen. But now that the Man of Steel is back, Superman’s return doesn’t mean putting Supergirl aside.

Instead of turning Supergirl into the DCEU’s one and only Super, The flash could easily bring Supergirl to the DCEU universe. Then Supergirl can be included in Superman’s next DCEU appearance, where both heroes can bond over their similar abilities and possibly shared origins. Now that Henry Cavill is back, the DCEU needn’t hypothetically explain Supergirl’s absence in previous DCEU movies or Superman’s absence. super girl movie set in a different timeline.

Supergirl still deserves a DCEU solo movie after the flash

batgirl‘s cancellation looks like a bad omen for many Warner Bros. projects. After all, if they can pull out a fully finished film, other projects in development might not do any better. A super girl spin-off na The flash would have been ideal to fill the void left by Henry Cavill’s absence, as Supergirl could have carried on Superman’s legacy and still give the DCEU a fresh start with a new Kryptonian hero.

Now Henry Cavill’s Superman Return Boosts Supergirl’s Potential, As A Possible Man of Steel 2 could Supergirl play as an adversary after her introduction in The Flash as well as setting up its own spin-off film. The Superman and super girl movies can now be linked together, and both Kryptonians can become key figures in the DCEU forward, both together and independently.

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