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Henry Cavill Was Almost Cast As James Bond Instead Of Daniel Craig

Henry Cavill Reveals He Almost Was Cast As… James Bond, recalling how the auditions came down to him and Daniel Craig. Last year, the public said goodbye to Craig’s Bond after 15 years and five standout performances under his belt. From his debut in 2006 casino royal, However, Craig quickly became a fan-favorite Bond for many No time to die any hopes of a future retaliation for the role wiped out all hopes, as Craig’s final appearance ended with the first-ever on-screen Bond death.


Securing the role of the suave and sophisticated 007 cop has become one of Hollywood’s most coveted accomplishments, and recently, talks about who will take over the role of Craig have been teeming with rumor-fueled speculation. Since Craig’s departure, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has spoken candidly about their current quest for the next Bond, although of course very few details have been revealed, nor have any official names been revealed as to who could be in the race. Among the fan favorites are BridgertonRegé-Jean Page, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy, as well as the DCEU’s own Superman, Cavill, who has now revealed he was once incredibly close to securing the role.

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While appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Cavill opened up about his auditioning experience for Bond and revealed that it came down to him and Craig in the end. Cavill graciously stated that Craig’s casting was “a great choice“before going on, looking back, he”probably wasn’t ready” to take on such a role at the time. The actor went on to say that the audition process was a “nice adventureand that the silver lining was that it provided him with a career boost. Check out Cavill’s full quote below.

They told me I was close. They told me it was ultimately up to me and this is what I was told it was just me and Daniel [Craig], and I was the younger option. They obviously went with Daniel and I think it was a great choice to go with Daniel. I probably wasn’t ready at that point and I think Daniel has done a great job in the past movies, so I’m glad they made that choice. It was a fun adventure at the time and it definitely gave me a boost to my career. That was the main element of it.

Why Henry Cavill Probably Won’t Play James Bond

Cavill didn’t stop the speculation altogether, though, as the actor went on to say it would be “nice to have the conversationabout playing Bond this time. Despite campaigns from the public to see Cavill take over as Craig’s successor, it’s fair to say that Cavill probably won’t be taking on the mantle of 007 this time either. In a rather Exciting recent announcement, Cavill confirmed that he will officially return as Superman in the DC Universe after many began to lose hope that the star would one day reprise his role as the Man of Steel. the big commitment that comes with playing Bond.

It’s interesting to hear that Cavill came so close to playing such an iconic role, although it’s undoubtedly even more interesting to hear him reflect on the whole experience now. Losing the role of Bond would no doubt have been rather frustrating, although it’s fair to say it eventually paid off for Cavill as the actor has since become a household name as the leader of another major franchise with the DCEU. While Cavill didn’t completely dismiss the opportunity to reprise the role, only time will tell who will play the part. bond The next.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

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