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Henry Cavill Teases A Bright Future For His Superman In The DCU

After his triumphant return to the DC universe, Henry Cavill predicts a bright future for his Superman and teases a bit about what fans can expect.

to be . follow Black Adam cameo, Henry Cavill tells of his return to the DCU as: Superman while also teasing his future appearances as the Man of Steel. While the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU) has come a long way, the interconnected universe of Warner Bros. Discovery the hero who started the franchise in 2013: Superman. While Dwayne Johnson brought Black Adam to life on the big screen, the recent DCU episode also served as the return of Cavill’s Superman, who hasn’t been seen since 2017. Justice League.


Since the controversial Justice League cut off from Joss Whedon, Superman’s place in the DCU became a huge mystery as it was never clear whether the British star would return to the franchise as the DC icon. However, with Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam, it looks like there’s a new beginning for the Superman veteran. Next Black Adam‘s release, Cavill took to Instagram to officially announce to the whole world that he would be returning as Superman more regularly.

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Cavill recently participated in a live recording of Josh Horowitz’s Happy, sad, confused podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter), where the host asked the DCU star more about what’s in store for him for his Superman. Cavill was unable to provide important details, but his comments boded well for what lies ahead. He said:

“Right now I can’t share anything… but in time I will be able to share and everyone will hear all the exciting things to come. There’s such a bright future for the character, and I’m so excited to tell a story with a hugely happy Superman.”

What’s next for Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCU?

Even though Cavill’s Superman only appeared in Black Adam for a few seconds there are several things in the works for the character. Although Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios haven’t confirmed it yet, Man of Steel 2 is in development and they are reportedly meeting with screenwriters for pitches for the film, who would likely star in Cavill (though he hasn’t been confirmed yet). Johnson and various Black Adam producers have also stressed that there are plans for a long storyline for the Kahndaq god and Superman. Whether that will be inside Black Adam 2 or in another DCU picture remains to be seen.

Whatever gets lined up for Cavill’s Superman, the world is clearly ready to see more of his take on the DC legend after being absent from the big screen all these years. As James Gunn and Peter Safran’s appearances as DC Studios leaders take effect on November 1, hopefully Cavill’s Superman projects will be a top priority, especially after his scene in Black Adam. Superman has always belonged on the big screen, and while it’s exciting to see the DCU expand with new heroes and villains, the franchise needs the hero who made the DC world possible. Hopefully, after the positive reception of his performance in Black Adamit won’t be long before the DCU sees Cavill back as Superman.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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