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Henry Cavill Reveals How Long He Plans To Play Superman

Henry Cavill reveals how long he plans to play Superman in the new DC Universe after his surprise return to the Black Adam post-credits scene.

After his surprising return to Black AdamHenry Cavill reveals how long he plans to play Superman in the DC universe. The beloved British actor made his debut as the Kryptonian superhero in 2013 Man of Steel, which was intended to jump-start what was previously known as DC Extended Universe with Cavill as the face of the franchise. Cavill returned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice Leagueand while all three of Zack Snyder’s DCEU entries received mixed reactions and somewhat disappointing box office returns, Cavill quickly became loved in the role.

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When Snyder left the DC franchise, Cavill’s Superman surprisingly fell by the wayside, with reports indicating he would not be returning to the role. After a long period of uncertainty and rumours, Cavill returned triumphantly as Superman during… Black Adam‘s post-credits scene, the surprising cameo signaling Superman’s return to the DCU and inspiring hope for the future. Next Black AdamOn release, Cavill said his post-credits Superman cameo was just a minor tease of things to come, though it’s unclear exactly how long he’ll be around.

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During a recent interview with ExtraTV promote Enola Holmes 2, Cavill revealed how long he plans to play Superman in the DCU. Clark Kent’s actor says he’s humbled to be back and plans to play Superman”for many years as long as [he does] justice by the characterRead Cavill’s full comments below:

I don’t throw this around often because I think a lot of people throw it around – but it’s humbling to be the guy who becomes that character’s custodian again and hopefully for many years to come as long as I do justice to the character.

What does Cavil’s dedication to Superman mean for the DCU?

Cavill’s recent comments indicate that he’s committed to the role of Superman for many years to come. There were some concerns about the actor’s busy schedule that kept him from making a long-term return to the DCU, although Cavill’s recent departure from The Witcher after season 3, a lot more time is released on his dance card and he indicates that he is fully committed to donning red and blue for many years to come. His next DCU appearance could be coming in Man of Steel 2which is reportedly in development.

The Superman actor’s comments are also in line with what Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam producers have said, suggesting there are plans for a long story with Black Adam and Superman. This will apparently continue in Man of Steel 2 and eventually culminate in a historic showdown between the two. Whatever the plans are for SupermanOn his return, it’s clear there’s hope for a revitalization of the DCU with Cavill as the face.

Source: ExtraTV

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