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Henry Cavill Explains What Makes His Sherlock In Enola Holmes Unique

Enola Holmes 2 star Henry Cavill reveals what makes his interpretation of Sherlock Holmes different from the character’s many other cinematic iterations. He debuted the character in the 2020 Netflix movie Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown. Enola is Sherlock’s sister, and after growing up in his shadow, she decides to solve the mystery and discover the reason behind her mother’s (Helena Bonham Carter) disappearance.


With that mystery under her belt, she will have started a legit detective agency from now on Enola Holmes 2, which premieres on Netflix on November 4. In the film, she is approached to help solve another disappearance: this time of the sister of a young woman who works in a match factory. The cast of the sequel includes Sharon Duncan Brewster and Harry Potter‘s David Thewlis, along with additional returning cast members Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), Lestrade (Adeel Akhtar), and Edith (Susie Wokoma).

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Cavill was a guest in the latest episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, hosted by Josh Horowitz. He revealed that when he was first offered the role, he wasn’t sure if he could bring Sherlock to life in a way that was unlike the many actors who have played him before. However, when he realized that the way the character interacts with Enola is different from the way he presents himself to the rest of the world, he realized that “there is a hidden warmth to this characterthat he would like to play. Read his full quote below:

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I thought, ‘Wait a minute, why would you want me to play Sherlock?’ It doesn’t seem to fit. And it’s been done so well by so many people for me, and then I got my hands on the script and read it and I realized this is a Sherlock that exists in a universe where Enola exists, which is a very different iteration of the character.

Because yes, his forward-facing self is still very similar to the character we’ve seen before, but when it comes to Enola, there’s something special about it. And then I felt like it. I was like, ‘Oh OK, there’s a hidden warmth to this character.’

What makes Cavill’s Sherlock different from other versions?

The iconic detective Sherlock Holmes is one of the most adapted literary characters in film and television, so many actors have played him over the years. This includes more classic portraits of the likes of Basil Rathbone and John Barrymore to more modernized shots of Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr. and even Will Ferrell. Cavill was certainly right about taking the character’s legacy seriously when approaching this new role.

However, as was investigated in Enola Holmes and will likely continue its expanded role in Enola Holmes 2, it is true that this Sherlock functions very differently in the story than he usually does. Usually Sherlock takes the lead and his most prominent dynamic is his superiority over his companion Dr. John Watson. With someone who is both a beloved family member and a humor with the ability to match his own, that vastly changes the way his character relates to a mystery, which is probably why fans are more or less immediately drawn to his interpretation of the character. accepted .

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Source: Happy Sad Confused

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