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Hellraiser Reboot’s Chatterer Actor Hopes To Return For A Sequel

Hellraiser (2022) star Jason Liles expresses interest in reprising his role of Chatterer, should the new film get the green light for the new film. A reboot of the horror franchise of the same name, director David Bruckner’s new film has already received some of the best reviews in Hellraiser history, along with high ratings on Hulu. Reviews were particularly complimentary about the film’s aesthetics and practical make-up effects.

At the core of the Hellraiser movies are the Cenobites, a group of disfigured humanoids who demand sacrifices from those who solve their cursed puzzle box. The character of Liles, known as the Chatterer, is one of the most popular characters in the franchise, known for his striking design and permanently exposed teeth. Halfway through HellraiserChatterer is sacrificed to the box after protagonist Riley injures him with it, tearing it to pieces in the manner usually reserved for their fatalities.


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In an exclusive interview with screen frenzy, Liles is interested in returning for a sequel, despite the death of his character in the first film. He mentions that Bruckner has a Hellraiser sequel and says he wants to be involved whether he’s replaying Chatterer or taking on a different character. He also mentions that since the fan’s response to Hellraiser has been so positive, there is now demand for more of the franchise than before. Read his quote below:

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I talked to David about it and I just told him, “Look, if Chatterer somehow comes back, let’s make it happen. If he doesn’t, I want to be something else. I just want to be here come back to world.” And I know David has said in interviews that he’s ready to make a sequel. He’s ready to make sequels, and so have the other writers. ben [Collins] and Luke [Piotrowski]they said, “Man, we’d love the chance to do another one.”

I think everyone is involved in all of their ways to give this feeling that everything they’ve done on one thing they can do even better on another. I’ve learned a lot from it and I know David talked about it. It’s a lot to juggle all these different areas; all those different departments, all the practical effects and dealing with the timing of it. So I’d really like to see what David and the writers and the whole team come up with for the story. Hopefully we can come back and dive a little more into that world now that fans want a sequel. I think that would be so nice.

Will The Hellraiser Reboot get a sequel?

It’s too early to say whether Hellraiser gets green light for a sequel, but early reactions have indicated it could very well be in the cards. Hellraiser doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to sequels, and while the reboot did manage to find an interesting path back to the franchise, that could be more difficult the second time around. However, Liles’ quote indicates that Bruckner and his team already have ideas about where the franchise might go, which could lead to some more polished sequels in the future.

although Hellraiser movies have never been particularly popular with critics, the unique design and interesting themes gave the franchise longevity, and many feel the reboot almost matches the quality of the 1987 original. there’s still a lot of work to be done to continue to bring the kind of imagination that creator Clive Barker envisioned all those years ago. Hopefully Liles’ wish can come true and Hellraiser will return for a sequel later, giving the actor a chance to star again as a horror’s most terrifying monsters.

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