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Hellraiser Reboot Director On Whether Resurrection Would Have Worked

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Hellraiser (2022)Hellraiser (2022) director David Bruckner reveals whether the terrifying final gift of the Cenobites’ resurrection really would have worked. The supernatural horror film is adapted from the work of novelist Clive Barker and serves as a reboot for the 35-year-old franchise. Hellraiser sees Jamie Clayton portraying the iconic Cenobite Pinhead, who leads the rest of the extra-dimensional demonic creatures.


In the years 2022 Hellraiser, recovering addict Riley McKendry (Odessa A’zion), friend Trevor (Drew Starkey), brother Matt (Brandon Flynn), his friend Colin (Adam Faison), and their roommate Nora (Aoife Hinds) stumble upon a once-owned mechanical puzzle box by a millionaire. Haunted by the deformed and twisted Cenobites after accidentally opening the device, Riley is haunted by horrifying visions, in which she and her friends become involved in a plan by the box’s previous owner. As her loved ones, including Matt, are gradually sacrificed to the Cenobite’s box, Riley learns about the true nature of the device’s creator. After surviving her experience, Riley is offered a “gift” by Pinhead in the form of Matt’s resurrection, but she declines the offer after seeing what the creatures’ powers actually mean. as the Hellraiser reboot receives critical acclaim upon release, the film’s director is candid about Riley’s final decision.

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In an interview with /MovieBruckner and Clayton discussed Hellraiser The end of 2022, with Bruckner being asked if Pinhead’s offer to revive Matt would have really worked. The director reveals that Riley’s first vision gave audiences a glimpse of what could have been if she took the offer. However, Bruckner argues that, like the Cenobites’ other offerings in franchise history, the results of their offerings can lead to more horrifying results. Watch the director’s full explanation below:

“There’s a picture in the basement. She has a premonition of what it will be. The resurrection choice harks back to Frank in the original film. Like all gifts the Cenobites give, it will be miraculous, but perhaps terrifying, maybe a deviation from our perspective in some way. It’s a tough decision.”

Is it possible to escape the “gifts” of the cenobites?

The Cenobites are servants and creations of Leviathan, an entity that resides in hell and is able to give hedonistic individuals “gifts” related to desire, as seen in both the original 1987 Hellraiser with epicurean Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman) and the 2022 reboot with millionaire Roland Voight (Goran Višnjić). However, the Cenobites cannot distinguish between sensations of pleasure and pain, which leads those who seek them to be subjected to experiments that cause extreme pain. As seen in both films, escape from the Cenobites is possible, but only through the suffering of others, as seen in Frank’s shocking resurrection and murder of others to reconstruct himself, as well as Voight’s sacrifices to call upon on Leviathan. However, each man’s selfish nature gains the upper hand as evidenced by Frank’s murder confession and Voight’s lust for power, leading to the Cenobites reclaiming them, while Riley and Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) survive after rejecting the box’s powers. .

With the plain, gruesome designs of the Cenobites and the darkest temptations and desires of humanity at the heart of the film’s story, Hellraiser is incredibly faithful to the themes and fears that set Barker’s original story and the 1987 film apart from other horror franchises. With the Cenobites preying on humanity’s most extreme desires and greed, actions taken to achieve those goals often have the worst consequences, as Voight’s plan shows. As such, Bruckner’s explanation of whether Matt’s possible resurrection might work answers any open-ended questions the public might have in a way that goes back to franchise history.

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