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Hellboy’s Ron Perlman Addresses Potentially Joining MCU & DCU

hellboy star Ron Perlman shares his thoughts on one day possibly being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Universe. A veteran of the comic book film genre, Perlman plays the titular character in Guillermo Del Toro’s hellboy in 2004 and the continuation of 2008, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Despite years in which both Del Toro and Perlman expressed an interest in returning for a Hellboy 3plans to develop the film never progressed in the end as the franchise went ahead with a reboot in 2019 starring Weird stuff David Harbor instead.


Perlman received critical acclaim for his performance as the main character in both hellboy movies, making the cartoon character more popular in the mainstream. Despite not appearing as the character in a movie since 2012, Perlman returned to dress in his full Hellboy costume and makeup to visit a kid for Make-A-Wish. Since his role in the role, he has continued to appear in multiple films and television series, most recently in both seasons of BBC One mystery series The catch. However, Perlman has made other appearances in the world of comic books and shows, albeit mostly in voice-over roles in animated projects for both Marvel and DC.

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That said, it looks like the potential for Perlman to appear live-action in a Marvel or DC project is on the table. In an exclusive interview with screen raging, Perlman discusses what it takes for him to play a part in the MCU or DCU. View the full quote below:

It’s kind of the same answer I just gave when it comes to season 3 of The Capture. I never expected that someone would come to me to play a superhero in a comic book, potential franchise. So the fact that I got to do it, and then a second film came on top, was tough. But no, I don’t consider myself in those terms. I will say that in the past 10-15 years things have happened to me in my career that I never thought possible, so I am embracing everything that comes. If it’s something in those worlds, I hope it’s something that’s multidimensional. The reason I stay in indie film a lot and this kind of television, like The Capture, is because the world is so multidimensional, and so impossible to categorize, because it’s just too layered, or too packed with many different facets, you know, well is bad and right is wrong, and there are many gray areas. I like working in that environment, and sometimes comics give you that, and sometimes they don’t. So that’s my answer to your question, and if not, I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel about these things.

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Which comic book character Ron Perlman could play next?

Based on his comments, Perlman seems open to the idea of ​​getting into the MCU or DCU in the future, but that depends on the role itself. It seems that Perlman would be more drawn to an antihero character in both franchises, as he says he likes to play with the morally gray areas of his characters without a clear distinction between good and evil, which makes sense since Hellboy an anti-hero himself. Of Deadpool 3 coming, this could pave the way for Perlman to play a character like Cable, who was already played by Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2. On the other hand, with the DCU moving in its new direction, Perlman could be playing a new version of the Slade Wilson/Deathstroke character, whom he has voiced more than once in various DC media outlets in the past.

If Perlman ever lands a part in the MCU or DCU, it looks like he’d take it seriously as his goal is to explore multiple layers of his character. With the amount of care Perlman took in his performance in the hellboy movies, it would be exciting to see him pick up the comic genre again and give depth to a new character. It remains to be seen if he will eventually join either franchise, but the fact that he’s both open to it is a positive sign.

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