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Harry Potter’s Professor Sprout Actor Reveals How Much She Earned

Miriam Margolyes is known for her role as Professor Sprout in Harry Potter, but the star says she wasn’t happy with her salary while filming a part.

British performer Miriam Margolyes, best known for her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies, reveals how much she earned while making the movies. as the Harry Potter books grew rapidly in international popularity during the late 90s, it was only a matter of time before they got a cinematic rendition. This came to fruition in 2001 when Daniel Radcliffe made his film debut as Harry Potter in The wizard stone. The films were so successful that they grossed over $6 billion and led to the development of a new Wizarding World series, Fantastic Beasts.


Margolyes initially joined the Harry Potter cast as Professor Pomona Sprout in The secret room. Professor Sprout not only teaches Herbology as Hogwarts, but she also serves as Head of Hufflepuff House. The books and movies both show the Herbalist teacher’s prowess in growing magical plants. Harry Potter aficionados will remember that it was Professor Sprout’s crop of Mandrakes that led to one of the more humorous moments in The secret roomand more importantly, served as a cure for those petrified by the Basilisk.

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The Harry Potter movies were largely responsible for fueling interest in the franchise and increasing its financial success, but not all movie stars were enthusiastic about their salaries while filming. In a recent interview with Subway, Margolyes admitted that during filming she complained that she was not happy with her compensation. Read below to see how much the Harry Potter star made and why she doesn’t complain about it anymore:

“I never made Harry Potter millions. I think the three of the top four people did, and they deserve it, but my character didn’t. I was only in two and I only got £60,000 because I was Professor Stunk was, but I’ I don’t grumble… now. I grumbled then, but it made me very famous.”

Harry Potter Is a blessing and a curse for Margolyes

Excluding any additional fees received post-production, Margolyes’ earnings for portraying Professor Sprout was approximately $69,000. This amount may not seem like much compared to Radcliffe’s, who made over $100 million for his time as Harry, but it’s not a small amount when screen time is taken into account. While Margolyes’ portrayal of Professor Sprout is a memorable one, she only appears in two films and only gets two minutes of screen time in total. The films may not have made Margolyes millions, but they did secure a respectable salary and something almost as important, fame.

Margolyes’ brief stint as Professor Sprout opened the door to many future career opportunities and established her as a well-known public figure. Unfortunately, fame also came with some drawbacks. Margolyes has admitted that she “doesn’t like children very much”, especially babies and “crazyThis could be a problem for someone known for starring in a franchise that draws younger viewers. Professor Sprout may have been a Hufflepuff in Harry Potterbut the Sorting Hat may want to move Margolyes to Slytherin after her revelations about children.

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