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The school called me about my daughter’s lipstick

DEAR HARRIET: I allow my 13 year old to wear makeup and lipstick around the house. She’s been experimenting with my makeup since she was a baby.

She recently wore lipstick to school, and I got a call from her teacher telling me about it and saying it was inappropriate. There is no dress code that says whether students can wear makeup, but I do know that her school is strict. I saw her that day and she wasn’t overly made up.

I don’t want to suppress my daughter’s creativity and self-expression, but I also don’t want school to get too close to her. What should I do?

Following the rules

BEST THE RULES FOLLOWING: Many young girls wear makeup; yours is no exception in our society.

What you can teach your daughter is what is appropriate for a girl her age during the day, which is minimal makeup preferably with a clear lip gloss, something that looks nice but doesn’t draw too much attention to the fact that she wears makeup on has. the first place.

Explain that the fun, more experimental things she does with makeup should be reserved for at home or with her friends on weekends.



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