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How can I stop contacting my son at college everyday?

DEAR HARRIET: My son is now in college and it is very hard for me to stop calling or texting him on a daily basis.

A friend of mine reminded me that now is his time to exercise his independence. If I’m too attached to him, he won’t have the space for that. She also pointed out that when we were in college, we didn’t have cell phones, so it wasn’t possible for our mothers to be so smothering. We had no choice but to grow up alone.

Of course it was then, but this is now. I find it almost impossible not to get in touch every day. If I’ve been successful and a week has passed, I find myself punishing my son for not contacting me sooner.

How can I better manage this transition?

Get a grip

BEST GET A GRIP: A child entering college can be challenging for both parent and child, but it is often more difficult for the parent for a variety of reasons. At the top is the fact that your life hasn’t changed that much in terms of your routines, while your child is experiencing a plethora of new people, situations, locations, and opportunities.



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