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Halloween Ends Pitch Meeting

BADpi’s latest Pitch Meeting episode focuses and cuts through David Gordon Green’s final chapter in his H40 trilogy, Halloween Ends.

Spoilers for Halloween Ends below!

BADpi’s pitch meeting returns and focuses on David Gordon Green’s final film in his H40 trilogy, Halloween ends. Four years after the events of Halloween kills, the latest entry in the long-running slasher-horror franchise, in which Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) tries to reconcile with her past trauma by writing a memoir. However, after local pariah Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) collides with a group of bullies, he is accidentally pushed on a collision course with Michael Myers, causing the town of Haddonfield to unleash yet another horror.


Bee Halloween ends‘ release, the film was met with low box office returns and largely negative reviews from critics and fans alike, with a rating of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. While it’s not the lowest-rated movie in the franchise, Halloween ends was criticized for poor dialogue, the lack of Myers due to a shift in focus on Corey, and inconsistencies with the rest of the trilogy. Recently, a petition was launched on to bring the whole of Halloween ends shot again.

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A week after the film’s premiere, pitch meeting‘s latest episode focuses on Halloween ends. The video humorously highlights the film’s many alleged flaws, including Myers’ absence, the killer’s sudden power shift, and Corey and Allyson Nelson’s (Andi Matichak) strange romantic relationship. look at the pitch meeting episode below:

Halloween ends too focused on new character Corey

Although the newest pitch meeting critics of the episode have varied, differing sharpening the fact that Corey appeared to be central to Halloween endssomething that many critics called as distracting as the Halloween series is historically about Myers and Laurie. The bold narrative choice to focus the film on Corey attempted to highlight the corruption of evil. Instead, it provided an origin story for a killer that no one really asked for.

With Corey’s neck broken by Myers and the masked killer dead at the end of the movie, Halloween‘s latest storyline is complete. This gives the franchise the opportunity to commit to another reboot. However, after bringing Myers back to life for… Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myersreboot the franchise for Halloween H20: 20 years laterredo Halloween With Rob Zombie’s films and the franchise rebooting with a second legacy sequel in 2018, a new entry after two critically maligned films could be a detriment to the franchise. Following the less-than-exciting conclusion to Halloween endsMyers may not stalk Haddonfield for a while.

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