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Halloween Ends Petition Demands Entire Movie Be Reshot

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Halloween Ends.Next Halloween ends’ mediocre reception, a new petition demands that the film be completely re-shot. After being first introduced in John Carpenter’s original 1978 film, Michael Myers returns in director David Gordon Green’s film. Halloween reboot trilogy, which started in 2018 Halloween. The reboot sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, who once again takes on the unstoppable killer. In recent years Halloween kills received mixed reviews, but provided an emotional and action-packed finale showdown between Laurie and Michael, with the recently released Halloween ends marking the conclusion of Laurie’s story.


Picking up 4 years after the events of Halloween kills, Halloween ends sees Laurie writing a memoir in an effort to get past her extensive trauma. Much of the film’s story revolves around a new character named Corey (Rohan Campbell), who is revealed to have a special bond with Myers. Although Corey’s demise into evil is central to the film, Halloween ends does make for a final fight between Laurie and Michael, as was teased in the movie’s trailers. With the help of her granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), Laurie finally manages to kill Michael for good and puts an end to the villain by dumping his body into a large industrial shredding machine.

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Now a new petition has been launched on that demands Halloween ends be re-recorded in its entirety. The petition was started by a user named Dj Jones, with most of Jones’ frustration with the film coming from the treatment of Michael Myers. At the time of writing, the petition has gathered more than 5,600 signatures. Check out Jones’ passionate reasoning behind the petition below:

“Halloween Ends was NOT a movie the fans wanted! This was an Origins Story! The Corey Story! We deserve a movie worthy of Michael Myers & the Halloween franchise! We love this franchise and this version of a Halloween movie dearly! has left us sad, angry, disappointed and furious Please give us a movie that shows us what Halloween is really about Our Apex Predator… the King of Slasher Movies Michael Myers This movie gave us a weak pathetic Michael who needed his mask to survive! This is not OUR MICHAEL MYERS! Our killer is strong, ruthless and unstoppable! Please correct this wrong! We beg you!!!”

Why Halloween ends so divisive

While thematically, Halloween ends presents some interesting ideas, many feel that the film eventually loses sight of what makes Halloween movies exciting. Choosing to focus much of the story on a new character would have always been divisive, but the fact that Halloween ends was promoted because the conclusion of Laurie Strode’s epic saga against Michael only makes the choice more confusing. While Michael’s debilitated condition makes sense given the beating he endured Halloween killsmany apparently believe it takes away from what should have been a movie where Michael is at his deadliest.

Halloween ends makes some bold storytelling choices that apparently don’t quite work for many viewers, which was probably only compounded by the film’s marketing. It is extremely unlikely that the petition from fans will be successful no matter how many signatures it collects, but the Halloween franchise will be rebooted in a few years anyway. Although the majority seems to agree that Halloween ends Disappointingly, the petition is part of a larger trend in recent years where fans are coming together to demand changes in released media, which will likely only become a bigger phenomenon in the future.


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