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Halloween Ends Ending Explained (In Detail)

WARNING! This article contains important SPOILERS for Halloween Ends.The purifying end to Halloween ends (2022) concludes the franchise’s reboot trilogy, leaving an ominous fate for Michael Myers when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally lets her own personal evil die. Halloween ends takes place four years later Halloween kills‘ ending, with Laurie and Allyson living together as they work through their grief and trauma from Michael’s latest calamity. Meanwhile, Allyson begins a romance with Haddonfield’s new pariah Corey Cunningham, who was accused of murdering the boy he was babysitting three years earlier. As more tragedies strike in Michael’s absence, Halloween ends Positioning Corey as the new Boogeyman poses an important question about the franchise: is evil born or created?


Michael Myers Has Been In Hide For Four Years, But The Original Boogeyman Is Finally Returning In Halloween ends when Corey is thrown over a bridge by a group of bullies. Michael drags Corey to his lair in the shadows of the sewers, intending to kill him before looking into Corey’s eyes and seeing his past crime. Halloween ends‘ new character Corey is then transformed into an entirely new person before starting a killing spree of his own, which drives another wedge between Laurie and Allyson. However, Laurie and Allyson come together to finally end the evil in Haddonfield, with the two teaming up to kill Michael Myers and put the all-consuming nature of their grief and trauma to rest. While Halloween ends‘ ending clarifies the immortality of evil in the franchise, it seems that Laurie Strode’s Boogeyman is gone.

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What happens at the end of Halloween?

Halloween endsThe final act takes place on Halloween night when Corey dons Michael Myers’ mask and kills the residents of Haddonfield who previously terrorized him. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode reports her own suicide to the police to lure Corey to her home, along with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Halloween character shoot the new Boogeyman down the stairs. Of course Corey doesn’t die, but stabs himself in the throat to frame Laurie for his murder, reasoning that if he can’t have Allyson, no one can. Allyson arrives and continues to blame Laurie for Michael Myers’ actions, reiterating that Laurie may be the evil that attracts the killer. In yet another death fake-out, Corey survives his self-inflicted stab wound before being killed by Michael, who comes to collect his mask.

Laurie then struggles with Michael before successfully immobilizing him, pinning his knife hands to her counter before tossing her fridge on his legs. Slowly, Allyson helps Laurie kill the mortal Michael Myers, with Laurie slitting his throat and wrists so that he bleeds to death. After Frank and the police arrive, the town of Haddonfield ritually gathers on the scrap heap as Laurie tosses Michael’s body into an industrial shredder, finally ending his terror. Halloween ends concludes as Allyson leaves Haddonfield and Laurie finishes her memoir, explaining that “evil does not die, it changes form– a nod to Michael Myers who was originally called “The Shape”.

Why Corey turned into Michael Myers

Consistent with Laurie’s assessment that evil simply changes form, Corey with the Michael Myers mask, mechanical outfit, and menacing personality was meant to express that “Michael Myers” really is the personification of evil. It doesn’t matter if “The Shape” bears the name Michael Myers or Corey Cunningham, it’s the form taken by a figure completely consumed by evil. Halloween endsMichael, as the essence of evil, saw potential in Corey when he looked into his eyes. Michael was older and weaker as Laurie began to let go of her past and process her grief and trauma, which meant he needed a new, younger form to feed on another. Corey had a chance to live a relatively normal life with Allyson, but was consumed by the evil within and the outside hysteria of the city calling him a monster.

Why Laurie Was Finally Able To Kill Michael On Halloween Ends

Laurie Strode has attempted to kill Michael Myers countless times since the original 1978 Halloween movie, and she finally succeeds Halloween ends. Michael was the personification of her all-consuming fear, grief and trauma, so until she was able to let go of this evil, Michael would never die. Laurie had also been blamed for Michael’s rage in recent years, as the residents of Haddonfield explained that she was only inviting Michael back to kill and destroy those around her. If Michael never died, Haddonfield needed another tangible figure to blame, with the surviving Laurie Strode being a fitting pariah. Like Halloween endsHaddonfield’s image reveals that the city created a new Michael in Corey Cunningham, the people did the same with Laurie.

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While it’s ridiculous to blame Laurie for Michael’s shady murders, her alleged guilt is meant to show that Laurie is completely consumed by her fear and trauma, damaging not only herself, but everyone around her. Laurie’s fear cost her countless relationships and life opportunities, ultimately harming her daughter, son-in-law, friends and neighbors. Once Laurie was able to confront her own evil caused by Michael’s despicable actions, the compelling power of Michael’s influence could be washed away from Haddonfield. Laurie is now able to live her own life, unfettered by the limitations of Michael’s evil, with… Halloween endsEven her optimistic romance with Frank Hawkins ends.

Why Laurie survives the end of Halloween

Halloween has positioned Laurie and Michael as a dyad in which one influences the other; Michael survived Laurie’s fear, so the call to “suicide” wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Laurie slitting Michael’s wrists was a way to kill the part of himself that was completely guided and consumed by the fear he caused, and gave birth to a new Laurie in Halloween ends‘ ends. Laurie didn’t have to die for the Halloween franchise to close, she just had to beat the Boogeyman. Were both Michael and Laurie dead at the end of? Halloween ends, then the consuming nature of evil and fear would eventually have prevailed. Instead of, Halloween ends Letting Laurie live makes her story a triumphant demonstration of triumph over grief and trauma.

Is Michael Myers really dead in Halloween ending?

The countless times Michael Myers was shot, stabbed, thrown out of windows, set on fire, beaten and run over by the Halloween franchise has raised the question of whether he is immortal, and Halloween endsThe end finally answers this question. Michael Myers, the Haddonfield man who killed his sister on Halloween night in 1963, is dead; but what he represents is not, and probably never will be. Evil doesn’t really die, it just changes form. But this is a story about Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, which means that Michael’s death is the end of Laurie’s personal evil. Her grief and trauma of the past 44 years created an evil in her that proliferated along with Michael’s image and memory, and this fear died in the shredder along with Michael’s body.

The mortal Michael Myers who terrorized Laurie Strode and Haddonfield since 1978 is dead, but the more philosophical “Michael Myers” is never really dead. Michael Myers is the personification of evil that has no face and only takes a recognizable form. It doesn’t matter if “evil” is really called Michael Myers or Corey Cunningham, it takes the same form, feeds the same fear and can irreparably consume its victims. Yes, Michael Myers is dead, but the capital ‘B’ Boogeyman is not. The next time Haddonfield needs something to be afraid of, something to center their fears on, and something to unite against, another Michael Myers will rise.

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What the End of Halloween Really Means

the end of Halloween ends is a cathartic and collective cleansing of the grief and trauma that defined the town of Haddonfield, Illinois for decades. The evil that infected the people of Haddonfield was not only accomplished by Michael’s knife, it moved internally through the community as the hysteria spread. With the death of Michael Myers, Haddonfield moves forward and vows no longer to let fear of the Boogeyman rule their livelihood. Laurie writes that “evil does not die, it changes form” in Halloween ends‘ ending reveals that the city can move forward and heal, but there’s still potential for evil to infiltrate Haddonfield again – it just won’t be under the guise of Michael Myers. As such, Haddonfield and Laurie will have to work to prevent such ills from being internalized and perpetuated again, which has led to so much more tragedies than just Michael’s frenzy.

Is Halloween really the end of the franchise?

Halloween ends officially marks the end of the franchise’s reboot trilogy and Jamie Lee Curtis’ time as Laurie Strode. Halloween director John Carpenter has been relatively candid in his assessment that the franchise will exist as long as it continues to make money, so it’s unlikely this is really the end of Michael Myers. However, it seems that Halloween ends is the conclusion of Laurie Strode and the original story by Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis makes her final bow as Laurie Strode, who has set the heart of the franchise in her eternal battle with Michael Myers.

Halloween ends is the end of the main storyline, but there is always a chance that Halloween will be recreated, rebooted, or given a spin. Corey Cunningham essentially becomes Michael Myers in Halloween ends suggests that anyone consumed by evil can don the mask and outfit and achieve Michael’s menacing nature, so even if the next Boogeyman isn’t the real Michael Myers, his ghost may still have the upper hand. While Laurie will have Michael Myers’ mask at the end of this year Halloween endsit can always end up in the wrong hands.

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