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Halloween Ends Director On If Michael Myers Is A Supernatural Being

Prior to the release of Halloween ends, director David Gordon Green reveals whether he thinks Michael Myers is a supernatural being. First introduced in the John Carpenter original Halloween in 1978, Myers has since become one of the most iconic horror movie killers of all time. After several disappointing episodes in the mid-2000s, Green rebooted the franchise with 2018’s Halloween, bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis’ last girl Laurie Strode. The film was a hit with both critics and audiences and was followed by Halloween kills in 2021. Now, Halloween ends is set to bring Green’s trilogy to a close.


Halloween ends takes place 4 years after the events of Halloween kills and Myers’ shocking murder of Laurie’s daughter Karen (Judy Greer). Trailers have already teased that the upcoming movie will feature a very intense final showdown between Laurie and Myers, including a particularly brutal kitchen fight. Although Laurie seems to have the upper hand in some cases, Halloween kills showed that Myers isn’t killed so easily, with an angry mob shooting, stabbing, slashing and beating the villain seemingly going beyond what a human could withstand. However, he survives and goes on to kill the mob members, playing in a long-cherished Halloween believe that Myers actually has supernatural powers.

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In a new interview with the cover, Halloween ends director David Gordon Green weighs in on whether Michael Myers is supernatural. While Green isn’t fooling anyone into believing that Myers has supernatural powers, he explains that he sees the villain a little differently. Watch Green’s full commentary below:

“I mean, I’m just not the man for that, but when I would show early parts of the film to people, sometimes they would say, ‘Oh, this is a transmission of evil.’ You know these things that make you think, “No, not literally.” I mean, the answer is yes and no. Especially when you see that. I love it. I love interpretation. In fact, I think in many ways the Halloween franchise thrives on ambiguity. The background of Michael Myers I like it “For example, it’s nice to have those conversations. I don’t think he’s doing anything supernatural. I just think he’s doing things that are spectacular and resilient.”

How This Michael Myers Is True To The Original Movie

Although other films in the Halloween franchise relied very heavily on the idea that Myers is a supernatural entity, Green the villain’s reboot trilogy has in fact kept very true to Carpenter’s original vision. 1978’s Halloween begins with Myers as a young boy, who shows him how to kill his older sister. This brief opening scene establishes that, despite his disturbing need to kill, Myers is still human. Laurie injures the villain quite badly during the climax, but not so much that he couldn’t have survived.

The punishment Myers withstands in Halloween kills arguably pushes the boundaries of credibility when it comes to whether a normal human could survive, but Myers is clearly not a normal human. Although his ability to take punishment in the Halloween franchise certainly captures the imagination, it’s also still possible that Green’s claim is true and Myers is just exceptionally resilient. As Laurie gears up to kill Myers for good… Halloween endsit looks like the villain’s resilience will be tested like never before.

Source: the cover

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