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Halloween Ends Director Explains How His Exorcist Will Be Different

Director David Gordon Green talks about his planned revival trilogy for the exorcist will be different from his recent one Halloween movies. Green brought the Halloween franchise back in a big way with a trilogy of movies starting with 2018’s Halloween, in which Jamie Lee Curtis returned as an older version of Laurie Strode. After the second episode, 2021’s Halloween killsGreen’s trilogy is coming to an end with the soon to be released Halloween endswhich is said to wrap up the story between Michael Myers and Laurie.


Green is also working hard on a new horror movie trilogy with its planned sequel to the exorcist. the exorcist first frightened audiences upon its release in 1973, where it quickly established itself as a classic of the genre. The film is written by William Peter Blatty, who edited his own novel, and directed by William Friedkin, with a cast that includes Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller and Linda Blair. Now Green wants the demon terror of the exorcist for a modern audience.

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During a conversation with Perri Nemiroff from ColliderGreen discusses the key differences in his approach to making his Halloween movies vs his upcoming exorcist trilogy. There are contrasting elements that give Groen a different approach to the exorcist, admitting that it takes something creative different. Check out Green’s comments on the creative differences between Halloween and the exorcist below:

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“They’re nothing alike. Halloween is a horror movie, it’s a slasher movie, it’s midnight madness, have fun at the cinema, eat some popcorn. The Exorcist is a highly researched drama about twisted things – spirituality, religion, mental health , family — and it’s … you can overlap those two in these very different subgenres of horror, but the approach technically, creatively, is very different.”

What to expect from David Gordon Green’s exorcist plans

Green has proven with his Halloween movies that he can update a franchise for a modern audience while still embracing the elements fans love, and he seems to be doing the same with the exorcist. Green’s Halloween trilogy ignored all previous sequels, with the 2018 film being a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original. However, its exorcist Movies are said to not ignore the previous films, including the earlier sequels, with a story that the director believes falls within the established mythology of the franchise.

Green takes a page from his Halloween reboot trilogy in that one of the original stars returns for the new one exorcist film, with Burstyn reprising her role as Chris MacNeil, Blair’s Regan’s mother in the original film. The director has also made it clear that he understands the exorcist to be a different kind of horror, showing that he knows the genre and how to work with the expectations of fans, being a fan himself. What green? exorcist have movies in store remains to be seen, but the first is expected to come out in October 2023, just in time for the next Halloween season.

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Source: Collider



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