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Halloween Ends Continues A Bad OG Character Trend With Tommy Doyle

The latest Halloween trilogy has ruined many of its original characters, but Tommy Doyle has probably had the worst of it, as he is completely ignored in Ends.

David Gordon Green’s Halloween ends many of the original characters from the Halloween franchise, and Tommy Doyle is a perfect example. A pivotal character from Halloween killsTommy was completely ignored in Endsand it continues the recent trend of original characters from the 1978’s Halloween with a disappointing ending in the H40 trilogy. Doyle isn’t the only character to suffer from this, but he also had a great storyline that was seemingly forgotten by the next movie.


Halloween kills saw Tommy Doyle gang up to take down Michael Myers once and for all. While it wasn’t the smartest decision, it was certainly noble. But shortly after the mob brutally ambushed the killer, Myers rises again and attacks her, stabbing Tommy multiple times and apparently killing him. The kills mafia mentality story wasn’t executed well, but Doyle was important to the story of that movie and he ended up sacrificing himself. Yet he was not even mentioned in Halloween ends. It was as if the character never existed. Ignoring his demise and what it should have meant for the franchise adds more weight to how Ends wasted other people like Lindsey and kept pushing Laurie Strode aside.

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Why wasn’t Tommy Doyle mentioned in Halloween Ends?

As frustrating as it was that Tommy Doyle was never mentioned in Halloween endsthere was also a four-year time jump from the events of Halloween kills. Enough time had passed for the residents of Haddonfield to believe that Michael Myers was gone for good, and that they probably just wanted to get on with their lives. Ends also wanted to shift focus to a random new character with Corey Cunningham. Calling Doyle could have worked, but the filmmakers probably wanted to switch up enough to focus on an entirely new story rather than a previous one.

How Halloween Ends Wasted the OG Franchise Characters

The returning characters in Halloween ends were utterly wasted due to the change in story. Similar to Laurie in Halloween killsMichael Myers had very little screen time and only got his comeuppance in act three. Focusing on a new character like Corey rather than the older characters has been a disrespect to the franchise’s legacy since Ends was meant to complete Michael and Laurie’s story. Sidelining a character like Lindsey, who played a bigger role in kills, tells the audience that they didn’t know what to do with the character and only included her because she was a character from the original movie. It was really touching to see Lindsey have a more supporting role, but the finale Halloween movie was a great opportunity to develop her character more instead of wasting her.

Halloween ends Don’t just ruin the legacy characters by sidelining them. It sees many of these characters acting out of character. Michael Myers had his most embarrassing moment when he was easily beaten by a young man in his twenties. Myers is meant to be practically unstoppable, and it didn’t even really seem like he was trying to defend himself against Corey. To finish, Halloween kills sees some of Michael’s most brutal kills yet, and Corey ends up getting the best in Michael’s final performance in a Halloween movie. Tommy Doyle and the rest of the Halloween legacy characters deserved a better ending.

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