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Halloween Ends Box Office Projected To Top Kills’ Opening Weekend

Halloween ends‘ box office projections see the upcoming trilogy-closer barely topping Halloween kills domestically in its opening weekend. After John Carpenter’s 1978 original became a huge hit, Halloween franchise has become one of the most beloved horror movie properties of all time. After numerous sequels, which met with varying degrees of success, filmmaker David Gordon Green teamed up with Blumhouse to reboot the franchise in 2018 with Halloween. The film was a critical and commercial hit and revived the franchise after a series of failures. a sequel, halloween kills, was released in 2021 to mixed reviews, but set the stage for Green’s climax in his new trilogy.


The aptly titled Halloween ends is expected to conclude the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), having been introduced more than 40 years ago. Trailers for the upcoming movie tease that Laurie’s final battle with Michael Myers will be a primary focus in Halloween ends, featuring a particularly brutal kitchen fight between the two characters that is common in promotional material. The film is set 4 years after the traumatic events of Halloween kills, in which Myers brutally murders Karen (Judy Greer), Laurie’s daughter. Like its predecessor, Halloween ends will hit theaters and Peacock simultaneously.

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According to a new report from Deadline, Halloween ends is expected to earn $50 million in its domestic opening weekend, putting it just ahead of Halloween kills$49 million. While some optimistic predictions put the film at nearly $60 million, the number will still remain below the domestic opening weekend box office for 2018. Halloween, which reached an impressive $76 million. All in all, Halloween Ends’ projected performance will liven up an otherwise slow stint for the domestic box office, with all the movies currently in theaters totaling $55 a weekend over the past 3 weeks.

Why the Halloween Box Office Ending Won’t Beat the 2018 Reboot

although Halloween ends‘ Projected opening weekend box office performance is impressive, the film will almost certainly not match 2018’s Halloween. Not only was there a lot of excitement about the prospect of a reboot, Halloweenalmost 10 years after Rob Zombie’s disappointment Halloween II, but the theatrical landscape was very different in 2018. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced theaters in many areas to close for months and while most theaters are now back up and running, moviegoers’ behavior is now very different, and many are more picky about which films to watch. worth going to the cinema.

Not only that, but Halloween ends’ day-and-date release strategy, where the film is released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming, will also affect its box office potential. Like with Halloween killsthis strategy allows those who don’t want to make the trip to the cinema to still experience the film early from the comfort of their own home, but it will also Halloween ends’ cash register performance. Even without the day-and-date release strategy, Halloween ends It would have been highly unlikely to top the 2018 reboot, but opening with $50 million domestically (or more) will still be a very impressive feat for the franchise and an improvement over its predecessor.

Source: Deadline

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