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Halle Berry Jokes About Catwoman Movie Bombing In Hilarious Post

Catwoman star Halle Berry jokes with a fan who posted that he found that everyone hates the infamous 2004 bombshell superhero movie.

Halle Berry makes fun of her infamous superhero movie bomb cat lady. Michelle Pfeiffer became iconic by playing DC Comics’ Selina Kyle in Tim Burton’s Batman returns. But things went horribly wrong when Warner Bros. tried a… cat lady 2004 solo film.

But that cat lady movie didn’t feature Pfeiffer or the classic DC Comics version of Kyle, of course. Instead, Berry was cast to play Patience Phillips, a character with no previous comic book history. An attempt to rework Catwoman as an entirely new character unrelated to that of the Batman universe turned out to be a major miscalculation, one of many that hampered the 2004 film, which grossed $81 million and is currently a dismal miscalculation. score of 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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Almost 20 years after cat lady, the film regularly tops lists of the worst ever made and biggest box office bombs. But instead of fleeing the flop movie, Berry herself seems to have embraced his reputation as a notorious dud, even taking herself out on Twitter to make fun of it. Recently, a fan tweeted about their own childhood love for the film and later adult confusion about the poor reception leading BERRY to leave a cute and funny quote tweet in response. See the exchange in space below:

Will Catwoman ever get the solo movie she deserves?

Despite its utter failure at the box office, Berry’s cat lady luckily the character didn’t get buried forever. In fact, the Selina Kyle version reappeared on the big screen just a few years later in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Perhaps more triumphantly, Kyle played a huge and fascinating role in this year’s Matt Reeves Caped Crusader movie the batter.

Zoë Kravitz’s performance as a complex and interesting Kyle in the batter indeed has fans wondering if the character is finally getting the solo movie she deserves. The time certainly seems right for someone to build a story around Catwoman that takes advantage of everything the character has to offer in terms of psychological and moral complexity (as they always do with Batman). And the right actor seems in place after Kravitz’s arresting performance in the batter.

But while the opportunity now seems to be there for Catwoman to finally get a good solo movie, there are factors behind the scenes that can prevent it. Indeed, the entire DCEU is operating under a cloud of doubt following recent moves from Warner Bros. Discovery, including their controversial cancellation of the planned batgirl movie. It might not be safe to make certain generalizations based on that one move, but now doesn’t seem like a good time to pitch a female-led solo superhero movie. Maybe the clouds will clear later and Catwoman will emerge as a character seen as having her own worth outside of Batman, but it’s just as possible that cautious elements within WB Selina will find Kyle too much of a risk and take her on. her will tie more proven male counterpart. For now, Berry’s cat lady remains the only time the character is allowed to venture onto the big screen alone, and the film is sadly a laughing stock.

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Source: Halle Berry/Twitter

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