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Fan-Made Deadpool 3 Trailer Imagines Reynolds & Jackman’s MCU Team-Up

A fan-created Deadpool 3 trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on an MCU team is helping to win over viewers for the upcoming Marvel movie.

A fan-made trailer for Deadpool 3 envisions the upcoming collaboration between Deadpool and Wolverine. The long-awaited Deadpool sequel has been announced for release in November 2024. Ryan Reynolds returns as his wisecracking character Wade Wilson, while Shawn Levy, who previously worked with Reynolds on The Adam Project and free manis set to instant.

While the first two Deadpool movies were produced by Fox who owned the rights to the cartoon character at the time, the next sequel will be made under Disney as the company has acquired the rights to a growing number of Marvel characters in recent years. Due to this significant change, it has been confirmed that: Deadpool 3 will be part of the MCU. Regarding the story, Reynolds once claimed that the original idea was a road trip comedy starring Deadpool and Wolverine. While it was initially taken lightly as a possible Reynolds joke, it has since been confirmed that Hugh Jackman will indeed reprise his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3.


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Now, a fan made Deadpool 3 trailer has been released on YouTube on the channel screen culture. The video follows the familiar trailer structure and borrows images from clips from various Deadpool and Wolverine movies, where the two characters are often artificially placed in the same scene. The comment section erupted in disappointment at the misleading video, with some admitting to being fooled by the fake trailer and most wishing it was real.

What to expect from a Deadpool & Wolverine team-up in the MCU

Deadpool 3 was long anticipated after the success of the first two films. It’s no surprise that Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU and Wolverine’s involvement unleash the imagination. Wolverine’s last movie, 2016 Logan, was much darker in tone than the very comical one Deadpool, so the expected combination promises to be interesting to say the least. It seems almost guaranteed that the characters’ different personalities will clash; Deadpool will no doubt get on Wolverine’s nerves very quickly, making for a controversial partnership. Exactly what they will come together for Deadpool 3 is not clear yet, but if Wolverine stays with Wade, it will undoubtedly be very dramatic. Yet the public can also expect a lot of humor thanks to Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth. Since that is also promised Deadpool 3 will be the first R-rated MCU movie, despite being at Disney, the storytelling possibilities seem limitless.

With a release date so far away, it may be a while before the public can expect an official trailer. That means the plot is probably still in flux, and while they wait for concrete details, those looking out for Deadpool 3 can continue to speculate about what the film will be about. Based on the cast announced so far, the sequel already contains many exciting elements. Wade and Wolverine should make an intriguing duo for Deadpool 3.

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