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Evil Dead Rise BTS Set Photo Teases Bloody Dismemberment Scene

Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin shares a particularly gory behind-the-scenes photo teasing a bloody mutilation scene in the upcoming movie.

a new Evil Dead Rise behind-the-scenes set photo previews a particularly gory mutilation sequence in the upcoming film. A new movie in the cult favorite Evil Dead horror franchise has been nearly a decade in the making, with a sequel to Fede Álvarez’s 2013 reboot initially slated to connect to a army of darkness follow up. But Álvarez would move on to other projects, and Bruce Campbell retired as the on-screen iteration of franchise protagonist Ash Williams. However, in 2020, The Evil Death director Sam Raimi announced a collaboration with Campbell and director Lee Cronin for Evil Dead Rise.


In Evil Dead Rise, Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan star as two sisters who discover the demonic Necronomicon in the bowels of an apartment building and unleash the murderous Deadites on its residents. While unrelated to previous franchise material yet, Cronin’s film will feature an original story, but much of the Evil Dead the main elements of franchise. Namely, Evil Dead Rise will contain 6,500 liters of blood.

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A Evil Dead Rise BTS set photo teases one of the movie’s gory scenes. Cronin shared the preview on Twitter, which shows a hall of an apartment building covered in blood spatter and dismembered limbs. Crew members line the hallway in front of a camera installation, with several brooms to clean up the fake blood. Cronin calls it a “very messy day” on the Evil Dead Rise set. Check out the image below:

Evil Dead Rise captures the allure of the horror franchise

This new BTS photo appears to be in line with other sneak peeks from the film. Previous plagues highlighted Evil Dead Rises blood-curdling screams and high levels of gore without directly revealing any narrative context. However, Cronin’s reveal is the best look yet at an actual scene from the movie, showing that someone – or something – is going to be dismembered, most likely a Deadite or two. It also shows the care that Evil Dead Rise takes to honor the bloody legacy of the franchise and make it look good with sharp cinematography.

The Evil Death fans should find the BTS picture exciting, as it maintains the level of violence that the previous films have turned into a defining franchise feature. And with Raimi and Campbell working very closely with Cronin on the production, audiences can probably expect a loyal entry one day. Evil Dead Rise touches theatres. Twitter users speculate that the BTS photo may be a precursor to a Evil Dead Rise trailer, which can provide additional context to the hallway break-up scene. Until the final trailer, Cronin’s tease is sure to get audiences even more excited about the new episode.

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Source: Lee Cronin/Twitter

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