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Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney To Star In & EP New Barbarella Movie

Although busy in the world of Marvel, EuphoriaSydney Sweeney gears up for her next project to star in and executive produce a new barbarella movie. Originally created by Jean-Claude Forest, the barbarella comics focused on the titular character as she went on various adventures through space, many of which resulted in her sleeping with the alien races she encountered. The original comics became highly controversial with international audiences as it became the first adult comic book, but it would later be relaunched at Dynamite Entertainment with a wider audience.


Just a few years after making her comic book debut, a barbarella movie would be produced starring Jane Fonda in the titular role and following her on an adventure to stop the mad scientist, Durand Durand, from using his weapon to kill humanity. Directed by Roger Vadim, the film underperformed at the box office and scored mixed reviews, although it would be considered a B-movie classic. While there have been multiple attempts at making sequels and remakes over the years, barbarella property may get a second shot on the screen.

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Deadline has reported that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has signed on to star and executive produce a new barbarella movie. Sources close to the project note that at the time of writing there is no writer or director, but the star will reunite with Sony Pictures after Madame Web and The registration. Sweeney later took to her Instagram to confirm the film’s development and shared a poster from the previous film adaptation with a caption teasing her enthusiasm for the project, which can be viewed above:

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How Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella Can Surpass the Classic Cult Film

Though considered a cult classic for its time, an updated take on a barbarella film could largely improve upon the flaws of the original. Much of the criticism of the original Jane Fonda film stemmed from the dull story and flat writing style, while the visual effects were largely well received, and both aspects could be improved with 55 years of hindsight for those involved to look back at. In addition, with Sweeney confirming her commitment once she is in its development, the new barbarella film has the advantage of having a passionate talent in charge of bringing the character back to the screen.

One of the more divisive elements of the new barbarella film will have to confront is the erotic nature of the original comics, as well as the 1968 film. While recent comics have moved away from the aesthetics of the originals, Sweeney became popular for some with her work in Euphoria and the voyeurs, both of which she bared and the first of which she’s championed as part of her character, leaving the door open for Sweeney to find a golden mean between the more mature nature of the original and the generally humble approach to intimate sequences today. While audiences wait for more details about the new movie, they can rewatch the original barbarella movie streaming now on Fubo and Showtime.

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