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Eternals Actor Reacts To Lack Of MCU Sequel News

After Eternals 2 was conspicuously absent from Marvel’s list of future MCU movies, Druig actor Barry Keoghan is responding to the lack of follow-up news.

Druig actor Barry Keoghan reacts to the lack of a Eternals sequel to the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe slate. Keoghan made his MCU debut alongside Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Don Lee, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie in the 2021 film Eternals. The film, directed by Chloé Zhao, received mixed reviews and was criticized for its long running time, pace and character development.


As part of Phase 4’s plan to expand the MCU after the Infinity Saga, Eternals introduced a race of immortal aliens of the same name who protect Earth from their ancient enemies the Deviants. The film ended with half of the Eternals being taken by the Celestial Arishem, while Druig, Makkari (Ridloff), and Thena (Jolie) team up with Starfox (Harry Styles) to find their missing relatives. This ending certainly seemed to tease the return of the Eternals, but nothing has been reported about it so far Eternals 2. The potential sequel was absent from Marvel’s huge string of announcements at Comic-Con this summer, and Eternals is only recognized by a small head seen in She-Hulk episode 2 and a Kingo (Nanjiani) name drop during Mrs. Marvel. Looks like Marvel has no plans for now Eternals 2.

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Naturally, Eternals fans will be disappointed by the film’s lack of follow-up news, and they’re not alone. in a recent GQ feature, Keoghan also seems angry at the apparent Comic-Con sniff. The feature states that Keoghan wants to play an Eternal again, and his response to the lack of updates has been understandably poor. Watch Keoghan’s comment below:

“[They] didn’t really mention Eternals 2, so…”

Why Eternals 2 Can’t Happen

With a riveting conflict already set up for a sequel, the question arises: why hasn’t Marvel announced that? Eternals 2? There are several reasons why Eternals 2 should not happen. One may be a perceived lack of interest. It’s possible Marvel was evaluating the divisive reactions the public had Eternals and decided that a sequel focused on the team wouldn’t be big enough. Another possibility is that Eternals the ending creates a conflict too important to be dealt with by the Eternals alone, and the solution to Arishem’s judgment on Earth will come in another future MCU project. This reason can best meet Eternals fans who felt that Tiamut’s defeat by the Eternals has been ignored by the MCU. Still, both reasons are just speculation until Marvel says otherwise.

While rumors are circulating Eternals 2′s development occasionally pops up online, for now it looks like the best Eternals fans can hope the team returns in another MCU project. This alternative seems more likely as Keoghan, Chan and even Zhao have expressed an interest in returning to the characters. Hopefully the team will show up sooner rather than later, but until they do, viewers can watch Eternals, streaming now on Disney+.

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Source: GQ

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