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Eternal Kingo’s MCU Future Addressed by Kumail Nanjiani

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani talks about the unclear future of his favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kingo. released last year, Eternals saw ChloĆ© Zhao make her MCU directorial debut and introducing the public to the titular race of immortal beings who serve as protectors of planet Earth. The film’s all-star cast included Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Don Lee, Barry Keoghan, Salma Hayek, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Lia McHugh and Nanjiani join the Marvel ranks as the Eternals, with this new lineup of heroes that opened up an exciting new future for the MCU.


While the story of Eternals set over 7000 years, the film focuses mainly on the modern era, with the heroes disbanded and now living a “normal human” life on earth. Nanjiani stars as Kingo, a charismatic Bollywood star who is never without his trusted servant, Karun. Kingo’s involvement in the dramatic events of Eternals saw the character refuse to participate in the film’s epic final battle, after ultimately deciding that he will not fight his family, while his fellow Eternals go up against Ikaris (Madden). Since his appearance in EternalsKingo has been referenced in the MCU, including some recent set photos from Loki season 2 which featured Kingo on a poster in the universe, though Nanjiani’s actual MCU future remains somewhat unclear.

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During a recent interview with ColliderNanjiani addressed EternalsKingo’s Future in the MCU Shares He Has”no idea what’s going on.The star confirmed his desire to return, sharing that he’s unsure if Kingo will ever return to the MCU, but also praised Marvel’s latest upcoming release. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, sharing his excitement for the direction the MCU is headed. Check out Nanjiani’s full quote below:

I am completely in the dark. I have no idea what’s happening. Really no idea what’s going on. I really don’t know when or if Kingo is coming back to the MCU. I really have no idea. I’m just really excited about the direction they’re going. The new people they’ve cast are really good. I just saw the new one Black Panther movie, and I’ve never seen such a blockbuster, which is so complicated and tragic, in so many different ways, but also very fun and funny and exciting. So I think they’re really stretching out now and doing great things. I would love to come back to do things but I really have no idea.

Where can The Eternals return in the MCU?

Of course, the most likely place for the public to expect the return of Eternals is in a Eternals 2although few details have been confirmed on the status of a Eternals sequel outside of a very loose acknowledgment from actor Patton Oswalt. However, there are certainly a handful of ways these characters can make an appearance in the MCU’s Phase 5 in the meantime. Many have speculated that the Eternals could return in the story of SheetGiven the Eternals‘ end-credit scene that provided a direct link to this highly anticipated MCU project with Mahershala Ali providing a vocal cameo. Others have speculated that the Eternals could play a part in Phase 6’s two biggest hitters, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, with many anticipating these projects with a wide variety of MCU heroes.

While Nanjiani’s comments unfortunately don’t shed further light on Kingo’s future, nor the future of the Eternals as a whole group, it’s likely that even if he knew, Nanjiani wouldn’t be able to release any information at this point. With Phase 5 of the MCU likely to open up some entry points for the Eternals to integrate into the franchise’s main storylines, it remains utterly unclear what Marvel has in store for these powerful characters. With many hoping that Nanjiani will return to the MCU in the future, and with these various other projects acknowledging his character’s existence, we hope it’s only a matter of time before Kingo’s post-Eternals presence is confirmed.

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