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Enola Holmes 2 Reviews Praise Millie Bobby Brown & Henry Cavill Team-Up

While Enola Holmes 2 early reviews are divided on the film’s overall merit, almost universally praising the connection between Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola and Henry Cavill’s Sherlock as the pinnacle of the soon-to-be-released sequel. Based on the youth novels of author Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes The franchise builds on the fictional universe of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and provides the brilliant detective with a younger sister who displays her own deductive skills. Originally slated for theatrical release, the first Enola Holmes The film was picked up by Netflix after the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly became a huge success story for the streaming giant.


There was already talk about a possible sequel for the first time Enola Holmes film was released, and Netflix eventually announced that Brown and Cavill would be returning for a second outing last May. Like the first film, Brown served double duty as both star and producer, while original writer Jack Thorne and director Harry Bradbeer also returned to their respective roles. Picking up after the first movie followed Enola who solved her first mystery, Enola Holmes 2 sees the youngest Holmes trying to make her mark by setting up her own detective agency in Victorian London.

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Of Enola Holmes 2 currently slated for worldwide release on Netflix on November 4, several members of the press have been able to preview Brown’s latest outing. While initial early reactions to the film differ as to whether it ultimately succeeds, nearly all critics seem to agree that Cavill and Brown’s on-screen chemistry is the sequel’s biggest highlight. Check out some of the responses below:

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Molly Freeman, screen frenzy

Enola Holmes 2 includes more of Cavill’s Sherlock, which is more involved in the mystery of Sarah Chapman and, as a result, Enola’s life. While Brown can easily lead the film on her own — and she’s just as charming as in the first film — it’s a joy to watch her and Cavill bring the dynamic between Enola and Sherlock to life. Thorne’s script positions them as two sides of the same coin and the actors play those different but similar aspects of their characters very well. Their on-screen energy is ridiculously entertaining, especially in a scene where Enola helps Sherlock home after a night out.

Lovia Gyarkye, The Hollywood Reporter

With the increased stakes, Enola reluctantly seeks Sherlock’s advice. Their loving yet tense sibling dynamic is one of the most interesting parts of Enola Holmes 2: Brown and Cavill has a delightful on-screen dynamic that believably replicates the biting style of communication typical between older and younger siblings. The two don’t know how to connect and often end up having misunderstandings or talking past each other, and it’s at those moments that we see Enola and Sherlock’s characters develop the most.

Arezou Amin, Collider

While Sherlock Holmes is a character we’ve seen in many incarnations, Cavill still manages to give him something all his own. Yes, he is still clinically detached and clearly believes he is the most intelligent person in every room he enters, but underneath, everything is a genuine stream of affection for his younger sister. Not to mention, his version of Sherlock is actually funny. It’s easy to forget in all the tough action roles that Cavill actually has some great comedic timing, and the scenes where he and Brown can play each other off are some of the most fun.

Kate Erbland, IndieWire

Despite Enola’s desire to escape the shadow of her famous big brother, her own film franchise doesn’t rise above Sherlock’s lurking presence; in fact, it’s not at all clear that it’s even meant to be. Co-star Henry Cavill makes for a dashing Sherlock and his scenes with Brown are cute, but too much of the movie is about diving into its own life and profession (which has plenty of adaptations already, thanks).

Ian Sandwell, digital spy

In the books, Sherlock and Enola have an adversarial relationship as she tries to stay one step ahead of him. The sequel develops the warmer side of Sherlock as Enola’s ward and while it might annoy fans of the books, it’s the sequel’s strongest aspect as the pair reluctantly team up.

Separately, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are captivating to watch, but together their chemistry and interplay enhance their already strong performances. Tellingly, the sequences of their solo investigations feel dry compared to when they’re both on the case. Fear not, however, this is still Enola’s show, with Sherlock as a supporting character.

Andrew Webster, The edge

That’s all to say that while Enola Holmes as a franchise isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it’s a lot of fun in a very specific way. And the sequel can get to that fun much faster now that we already know most of the characters. Brown and Cavill in particular have great chemistry; the two bicker like real siblings, albeit the ones who are exceptionally intelligent and fiercely independent. Watching Sherlock use his amazing powers of observation to find out where his little sister has been is a fun twist on the character.

Erik Eisenberg, CinemaBlend

Millie Bobby Brown’s feisty, independent and rebellious investigator has rightly taken all the spotlight, and the film puts high emotional and life-threatening stakes on the character, but also impressively woven into the story is the B-plot led by Henry Cavill’s Sherlock. . While Enola searches for Sarah Chapman, he is confused by a complex scheme that involves moving money to various financial institutions in London. It leans on well-known aspects of the detective mythos, but finds an approach that successfully constructs a clever and unexpected perspective.

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Will Enola Holmes 2 be another Netflix hit?

While Enola Holmes 2 has the advantage of having two of Netflix’s biggest and most affordable stars, the question is whether the second outing will live up to the success of the first film. During the original’s initial release period, Netflix reported that it was well on its way to being seen by 76 million households in its first four weeks of availability. It would also receive an impressive 91% critical rating on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

While the quality of the first movie certainly explained its initial success, the original was Enola Holmes also benefited from the streaming release at a time when theatrical releases were practically nonexistent. With theaters currently returning to business-as-usual in a post-pandemic world, it will be interesting to see if Brown’s return as Enola will have roughly the same impact. With plenty of opportunities to expand the franchise further in the future, Netflix will certainly hope so Enola Holmes 2 gets the same kind of reception as the first film, but also faces a lot more competition than the original ever did. Hopefully, Brown and Cavill’s on-screen chemistry can help attract potential viewers upon release.

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