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Enola Holmes 2 Makes Henry Cavill’s Sherlock So Much Better

Enola Holmes 2, the sequel to Netflix’s first adaptation of the Nancy Springer books, follows young Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) on a new case after the results of the first film, and also offers a much better take on the series’ Sherlock, who becomes played by Henry Cavill. Although Sherlock was present in the first Enola Holmes film, he had a much smaller role and largely served as one of the driving forces of the plot rather than a character of its own. In this new film, Sherlock is much more involved in Enola’s life and her case.


In Enola Holmes 2Sherlock is much more three-dimensional than the aloof and esteemed detective he was in the first film. When Enola reconnects with him while investigating her own case, she gently begins to point out some of his shortcomings: he is proud, untidy, and seems lonely. This rating makes him more versatile and realistic than he was in the first film. Sherlock is involved in his own case when Enola returns to his life, but the two cases quickly intertwine and the two work together, giving Sherlock more opportunities to interact with his younger sister rather than solving a mystery behind the scenes. unload.

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Why Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes Is So Good?

Sherlock Holmes is no stranger to the silver screen, but Cavill’s portrayal of the character is completely different from the versions of Sherlock Holmes played by other actors in recent years. ‘s Sherlock Enola Holmes is a sophisticated Victorian gentleman who is largely disinterested in society, but at the same time is more than happy with it. Cavill’s Sherlock is different from many contemporary portrayals of the character, but it also ties in well with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s vision. Enola Holmes lets Sherlock be an exciting and brilliant character in his own right, but by putting Enola as the main character, Sherlock also becomes the dutiful big brother who acts both as a mentor and protector as he guides Enola through various aspects of Victorian culture.

True to the essence of the character, however, Enola HolmesSherlock is still at odds with the concept of community. Enola notes that her brilliant older brother is remarkably alone, without even Mycroft appearing in Enola Holmes 2. Sherlock’s assessment that Enola is too involved in her current case without regard for her own safety leads him to advise her:don’t turn into me.” As a secondary character, Sherlock can serve as both an example and a warning to Enola as she continues to find her own ways to follow in her older brother’s footsteps without walking in his shadow.

Enola Holmes 2 Brings More Sherlock Improvements to Enola Holmes 3

Sherlock may not be the main character of Enola Holmes, but he experienced many character developments in this second film that made him an even more dynamic character in a future third installment. During his interactions with Enola, Sherlock proves lonely, and he even proposes that his sister join his detective agency at the end of the film, prompting him to pair him up with a future roommate: Dr. John Watson, played by Himesh Patel. Watson is an integral part of everything Sherlock Holmes stories, and his introduction is a good indication that Sherlock’s character will be explored further as the story progresses.

Netflix seems to understand how to highlight Sherlock as an interesting character without overshadowing the titular hero, something Enola struggles with throughout the film. Thankfully, she seems to have found her own way, and judging by Dr. Watson’s introduction, it’s a good bet she’ll be joining forces with Sherlock again in another sequel. The continued presence of Sherlock in the Enola Holmes movies will allow Enola to solve a greater level of mystery while also creating more opportunities to explore his character.

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