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Dwayne Johnson Celebrates 20-Plus Years In Hollywood With Sweet Video

In a sweet, heartfelt video, Dwayne Johnson has celebrated its 20-year career in Hollywood and thanks its fans for their continued support over two decades. The actor has starred in a number of prominent franchises in films such as The mummy returns, moanaand The Fast and the Furious franchisee. Johnson will next appear in Black Adamplaying the titular DC Comics antihero in the next entry in the DC Extended Universe.

After gaining fame as a wrestler through WWE’s Attitude Era under his ring name “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson began his acting career through television shows such as That show from the 70s and Star Trek: Voyager late 90s. However, in 2001 Johnson took his first step into the Hollywood film industry with 2001’s The mummy returnsstarring the reincarnation of Mathayus the Scorpio King, a role he would reprise in 2002 The Scorpion King. Since then, Johnson has had an incredibly diverse film career, appearing in a wide variety of genres, such as comedy, sci-fi, action and dramas for a wide range of demographics, growing as a star in the industry. And after celebrating mom co-star Brendan Fraser’s recent success in The whaleJohnson himself recently received a surprising message that led him to share an emotional message with his audience.


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In a video posted to his personal Instagram account, Dwayne Johnson talked about a recent business meeting where the venue’s staff chose to surprise the star with nods to some of his notable projects. However, upon seeing a large mosaic of many of the standout features he starred in, Johnson was inspired to thank his devoted fans for their support throughout his more than 20-year career. Watch the heartwarming video above:

What’s next for Dwayne Johnson?

After appearing as Krypto the Superdog in 2022 DC League of Super Pets, Johnson will finally voice Black Adam after a little over 15 years of development hell. Johnson was instrumental in the film’s development after being approached for a part in a possible Shazam! movie in 2006. While Shazam! would see major developments in the late 2000s, Warner Bros.’ intentions for forming the DCEU have revived the project, leading to both 2019s Shazam! and Black Adam. Johnson will portray the titular antihero as he awakens in the modern world and clashes with the Justice Society of America. While Johnson is investing in Black Adam’s future, the actor will also star in Prime Video’s season film Rode alongside Chris Evans and Kiernan Shipka, as well as narrating and producing the NBC sitcom young rock.

Despite criticism of his early acting career, Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and influential figures. Though already known for his successful wrestling career, the actor defied critics who questioned his decision to take up acting, making him an incredibly successful star with a wide presence in pop culture, from wrestling, Hollywood to even surprisingly venturing as a appearance in Fortnite. And after more than two decades, Dwayne Johnson‘s heartfelt thanks to those who have supported him is a sweet way to celebrate how far he has come.

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