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Dune 2 Has To Expand On One Important Element Dune Ignored

Dune: Part Two will have to introduce the Guild Navigators and explain their important role to do justice to Frank Herbert’s novels.

Dune: part two will have to play an important role for one of the most essential parts of Frank Herbert’s world that lies outside the Dune. Promised, Dune has lots of material to introduce from the Sandworms of Arrakis to House Harkonnen. However, if Dune: part two To do justice to the source material, it will have to create a prominent role for the Guild Navigators, who are a central part of the entire Dune universe.

Dune spends a lot of time explaining the Spacing Guild and the importance of the Spice Melange. However, the Guild Navigators are barely mentioned in Dune, and they don’t show up at all. The failure to really introduce the Guild Navigators will have to be corrected in Dune: part two because they are an essential part of the story of Paul Atreides and of the universe as a whole. The whole process of interstellar travel will require further explanation and the Guild Navigators are the most fundamental part of interstellar travel.


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Why Dune left out the Guild Navigators

Dune had a lot to tell and introduced elements like the Fremen and their desert power to keep the public interested. So, the simplest explanation for the absence of the Guild Navigators in Dune is that there wasn’t enough time to record them. Dune is forced to walk a thin line between introducing the public to the wealth of important information in the Dune world and keeps the plot fast enough to be entertaining. The tragedy of the Atreides family is at the heart of the plot in Dune and as such, it takes up a lot of screen time. However, ahead in Dune: part two with Leto Atreides dead and Paul and his mother Jessica live with Dune‘s Fremen, the sequel should take the time it takes to properly explain the importance of the Spacing Guild and the Guild Navigators in it.

The Guild Navigators must be important to the Dune 2 story

The Guild Navigators must be prominent in Dune: part two to fully understand the importance of Spice by the public. Guild Navigators are essential as their extensive exposure to Spice allows them to super-evolve and gain the ability to safely chart courses through the stars. Without the Guild Navigators there would be no interstellar journey inward Dune or Dune: part two, an important part of the plot. The new cast members for Dune 2 show no evidence of Guild Navigators, but that’s probably because they won’t be played by famous actors, as their appearance will likely rely heavily on CGI.

The role of Guild Navigators in Dune: part two could determine whether the films do justice to Frank Herbert’s legendary novels. The movie series just can’t mimic the movie well Dune universe without the Guild Navigators playing a vital role. While the first movie was incredible, the main course correction is the inclusion of the Navigators Dune: part two need to make.

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