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Don’t Breathe 3 Plans Teased By Blind Man Actor

With the previous film already hinting at his return, Stephen Lang teases that plans are in the works for a Don’t Breathe 3. Lang led the cast of the first two horror films as Norman Nordstrom, better known as The Blind Man, a US Navy SEAL veteran who gained near-superhuman hearing abilities after an injury during the Gulf War. The original don’t breathe The film saw The Blind Man face off against a trio of house intruders looking for the money hidden in his dilapidated Detroit home, while the second saw him try to save a young girl he claims to be his daughter, though their tires more


In a recent interview with ComingSoon.net to discuss the horror thriller Old man, Stephen Lang opened up about the various sequels he was involved in over the years. If you look specifically at the don’t breathe franchise, the Blind Man actor discussed how he separates his iconic horror character in his brain, while teasing plans to return to him for a Don’t Breathe 3. Check out what Lang shared below:

Well, it depends on the role. I think with the sequels you’re talking about, Don’t Breathe. It’s not hard for me to open the door to the Blind Man’s brain, you know? It’s not a place where I want to spend a lot of time [laughs] unless that’s what I do, and if I do, if I’m in the blind man, it’s a very interesting place to be. I enjoyed, if that’s the right word, but I think it is, I enjoyed filming Don’t Breathe and Don’t Breathe 2 very, very much. Just like I plan to enjoy filming Don’t Breathe 3.

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What could Don’t Breath 3 be about?

While no official announcement has been made about a potential third film, this isn’t the first time anyone involved with the franchise has been given the opportunity. Don’t Breathe 3. In the run up to Don’t Breathe 2‘s release, Rodo Sayagues, who co-wrote the original with Evil Dead‘s Fede Álvarez and made his directorial debut on the sequel, previously hinted that another movie could be made starring Jane Levy’s Rocky returning to the fold. This was a plot point seemingly set up at the end of the first don’t breathein which The Blind Man survived his encounter with her and did not mention her or the stolen money to the police who responded to the situation, suggesting that Lang’s character is on the hunt for the lone survivor.

Many were surprised when Don’t Breathe 2 put an end to this, focusing on The Blind Man’s relationship with young Phoenix, whom he rescued from a methlab explosion and adopted as his adopted daughter. At the end of the sequel, he again rescued her from her troublesome parents, who planned to transplant her heart into her mother while she was still conscious, though she also apparently succumbed to his wounds. The Don’t Breathe 2 post-credits scene then saw the dog The Blind Man took approaching his apparently dead body, only to be shown still alive when he reacts to the dog licking his fingers.

While The Blind Man may still be alive for another chapter, the question now is whether there’s a desire to create a Don’t Breathe 3 made. Released nearly five years after its predecessor, Don’t Breathe 2 debuted in theaters in the summer of 2021 to much more mixed reviews from critics, with many highlighting the unlikely “main character” in The Blind Man, while the sequel also only made a third of the original film’s box office, seemingly lacking in of interest in a future installment of the series. While the audience waits to see if Lang’s Don’t Breathe 3 teasing becomes true, they can now rewatch the original movie on Peacock and the second on Starz.

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