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Dom’s Returning Car In Fast X Supports Wild Time Travel Theory

Fast X brings back Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, one of several models Dom drives in the franchise, supporting a wild theory that it will be time to go back to the earlier movies. The Fast and furious franchise tends to assume that audiences will suspend disbelief without asking for much explanation when using plot points that are illogical or nearly impossible. The franchise has brought back characters from the dead (such as Han’s return in Fast & Furious 9), cars parachuted into forests, cars driven through the air between two high-rises, cars sent into space (with a hasty plan hatched by amateur rocket scientists), and the F9 film self-reflectively pokes fun at the fact that the story’s heroes shouldn’t have survived all the ridiculous situations they went through.


Thanks to the franchise’s increasing awareness of its own reputation, the theories circulating on the internet have become more daring over time. Time travel has been suggested before, and now bring back a car that appeared in both The Fast and the Furious and Fast & Furious could further support that idea. It at least suggests that Fast X will revisit and reframe some events from the past. Seen one of the running jokes prior to F9 was that the Fast and furious franchise would go to space at some point, it opens the door to time travel as a realistically plausible option.

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Would time travel really work in Fast X?

F9The self-awareness of the writers was the way the writers nodded to the fans for accepting the neo-fantasy premise of these movies. With that in mind, time travel wouldn’t be a distant land to visit in the upcoming movie. However, using the conventional time travel plotting device is highly unlikely Fast X, as the franchise’s know-how is in mechanical engineering and not theoretical physics. More likely, the film will feature flashbacks to the early years of the Toretto family to flesh out their backstory.

Dom’s Returning Car Shows How Fast X Can Bring The Saga Around

The Fast and furious universe is constantly expanding as newer characters are brought into the series and into the herd of the Toretto family. Family, Dom’s favorite motto, is the central theme of the series, whether born or chosen. With stars like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron joining the cast of the Fast movies, the series has explored independent backstories of the supporting characters, especially in the spin-off film Hobbs and Shaw. However, with the introduction of John Cena’s role of Jakob Toretto in F9, the series now has the opportunity to refocus its lens on the Toretto family and fill some gaps in their knowledge.

Since Dom’s extended family has never been mentioned in the previous films, Rita Moreno plays Dom’s grandmother in Fast X may mean flashbacks to the childhood of Dom, Mia, and Jakob. Hopefully the film will show young Dom working with his father on his Dodge Charger R/T, as teased in the very first The Fast and The Furious movie. As for the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, Dom drove Brian O’Conner – after whom Dom’s son is named – in Fast & Furious with that model, and eventually blew it up as a distraction to avenge Letty’s death. With the Chevelle SS returning to Fast X, maybe the car will appear in another epic race in which Dom comes out on top. Better yet, now that Dom is a father himself, hopefully he will work with his son to restore the 1970s model, passing on the baton and keeping Paul Walker’s legacy alive through his character’s namesake.

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