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Does Everyone Owe Halloween Kills An Apology Now?

The recent release of Halloween ends has led to a debate about whether Halloween kills was as bad as the public initially thought. Currently both Halloween kills and Halloween ends have a critic score of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, as opposed to 2018 Halloween which has a significant advantage at 79%. It is clear that both Halloween kills and Halloween ends have a lot of problems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean one isn’t better than the other.


After the 2018 release Halloween, the public was divided on whether Michael Myers should return to the big screen. While the opportunity to see Michael again was exciting, Halloween Michael and Laurie did such a good job of putting an end to Michael and Laurie for good that the idea of ​​him returning proved worrisome. Three years later, Halloween kills was released, and it quickly became known as one of the worst movies in the world Halloween franchisee. Compared to the original 1978 Halloween and even those of 2018 Halloween, Halloween kills split considerably from the franchise by attempting to incorporate heavy social themes into a fairly straightforward slasher format. No other at the time Halloween movie had divided the fan base as much as Halloween killsthat is, until the release of Halloween endswhich has proven to be the franchise’s most controversial.

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Why Halloween Kills Was So Criticized

Halloween kills was heavily criticized for several reasons. However, the main reason for: Halloween kills’ backlash is that it was totally different from 1978 Halloween while it existed in a planned trilogy that had to be directly connected to it. Where Michael Myers reminded me of a ghost killer in 1978 Halloween, lurking in the shadows and stalking his prey, he instead becomes a furious killing machine, brutally killing anyone who crosses his path. This was a problem that came to the fore in 2018 Halloweenstill Halloween kills managed to make it significantly worse by going the extra mile and making him literally unbeatable. The reboot trilogy was supposed to retell Michael Myers as an immortal, unstoppable killer, but still Halloween kills saw Michael brutally fight his way through an entire crowd after sustaining injuries that no mortal man could survive.

Aside from the copious amount of gore inside Halloween kills, the film also tries to act as a social commentary and criticizes the way communities respond to killers. For example, Halloween kills shows the 1978 surviving Tommy Doyle becoming some sort of vigilante who recruits some Haddonfield residents to take down Michael Myers instead of living in fear of him. The crowd gets so big and angry that they end up chasing and killing the wrong man. This was a huge subversion away from everything the Halloween movies before, and while it was an interesting concept, Halloween kills’ cautionary tale of revenge eventually fell flat among the chaos that unfolded around it.

Why So Many People Hate Halloween Butts

Following the response of Halloween killsit seems like Halloween ends tried to rediscover much of what they had established in the first. This is primarily the reason for Halloween ends’ demise. Where Halloween kills showed Michael Myers as an immortal force to be reckoned with, Halloween ends went back to the idea that he was just an ordinary man. Instead, it is the fear that plagues Haddonfield that is immortal, with… Halloween ends spends most of the story with a new character, Corey Cunningham, and how this fear has affected his life now that he is labeled as Haddonfield’s new boogeyman.

unlike Halloween kills, Halloween ends removes a lot of the blood in exchange for a more grounded approach to the story. equal to Halloween kills, Halloween ends tries to explore the effects of Michael Myers on Haddonfield even further. However, Halloween ends is a bit more contained, using Corey Cunningham to illustrate that society may be responsible for creating killers like Michael Myers, examining Corey’s psychological corruption while becoming the psychopath Haddonfield accused him of being. For this to work, it meant that Michael Myers was barely in the movie, and when he behaved even more out of character than in the two previous episodes, now a weak man who was barely able to hold his own. Ultimately, this led to Michael’s final battle with Laurie and eventual downfall being incredibly rushed, making a majority of Halloween kills feel meaningless.

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Does Halloween Kills deserve more credit now?

It could be argued that if the public had been aware of the outcome of Halloween ends That Halloween kills would have been much more appreciated then. If something, Halloween ends actually proves that the public is wrong about the majority of their criticisms of Halloween kills. For example, while many viewers thought it was ridiculous that Michael Myers survived the injuries he sustained Halloween kills, Halloween ends proves that a killing machine of Michael’s is much more entertaining than an old, wounded one. Further, Halloween ends also proved that deep down the audience loves the gore that comes with a Halloween movie. While some felt that the violence in Halloween kills was out of place, Halloween ends would have been much better received if it had also included some gore with its overarching theme.

This does not mean that Halloween kills is suddenly a good movie. While there are other things about Halloween kills that makes it better than Halloween ends, like sympathetic victims and some humor, it still has many flaws that are hard to overlook. Plus it also wastes a lot of Laurie and Michael potential as Halloween ends did, and brought back a lot of legacy characters and didn’t really do anything with them. Therefore, while Halloween kills is subjectively better than Halloween endsneither manages to meet the standards set by the years 1978 or even 2018 Halloween.

How the perception of the Halloween Reboot trilogy has changed

Within the discussions about Halloween kills and Halloween ends there is a common basis, namely that of 2018 Halloween should have been a standalone movie that concluded the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. If their story had ended with Michael’s death in Laurie’s basement, that would have been much more satisfying than the disappointing conclusion of Halloween ends. In fact, even Halloween ends could have worked better as a standalone movie especially if it had been set after Michael’s death which is more than can be said about Halloween kills who has done insufficient justice or has reached a conclusion in Halloween ends. Ultimately, the Halloween reboot trilogy would have worked better if Halloween ends was immediately followed Halloween killswhich takes place on the same night as originally planned with a brutal final showdown between Laurie and Michael.

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