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Disney’s CEO Could Not Be More Wrong About Animated Movies

Disney CEO Bob Chapek could be wrong when he claims that adults don’t want to watch animated movies. Bob Chapek – a veteran figure at Disney who previously served as chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products – took over as CEO of the company in February 2020. eve of the corona pandemic. The transfer of Chapek’s predecessor, Bob Iger, also didn’t go smoothly, with reports alleging that Iger views Chapek’s appointment as a mistake (via Business Insider).


Concerns over Chapek’s leadership are likely to increase after Disney’s CEO’s recent comments about animated films. Speaking of this topic, Chapek claimed that adults don’t like to watch animation and that the genre is for kids. “I always say that when our fans and our audience put their kids to bed at night after watching Pinocchio, or Dumbo, or The Little Mermaid, they probably won’t tune in to another animated movie,he opined. Chapek added that “She [adults] want something for them.“Chapek’s last observation is the most telling, suggesting that he believes adults view all animated films as somehow not”for themand that adults naturally gravitate towards live-action.

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Disney’s Own Animated Movies Prove They’re Not Just For Kids

Chapek’s comments are decidedly odd, perhaps even showing that he doesn’t understand the Disney brand itself. Disney animated films are much better described as family films than children’s films. They often embrace themes and concepts that are undeniably mature in nature, deftly handling them in a way that flies over children’s heads but makes the characters more recognizable to an older audience. There’s a reason FrozenElsa’s was seen as an LGBTQ+ icon; her iconic “Let it goThe song recognizes the need to be true to itself and rejects the attempts of others to define it – a message that resonates just as strongly with adult viewers as it does with young people.

The problem with Chapek’s animation rendering becomes even more apparent when you consider Pixar. The most acclaimed Pixar movies feature rich, complex themes and storylines that invite adults to tune in and watch after their kids go to bed. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that appealing to all ages is the secret to Pixar’s continued success. For example, Pixar combines fantasy with balloons that lift a house Upwards as a plot device for exploring grief and loss. Likewise, the Toy Story movies take on more meaning as viewers get older, themes like growing up, letting go of loss, and finding new purpose later in life.

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Chapek’s animation comments may have the public concerned about upcoming Disney animated films. Although Chapek is one of Disney’s key decision-makers, his comments show that he doesn’t understand the medium his company is most famous for. Moreover, his formulation suggests that this is a deeply entrenched view. “I always say,Chapek begins, emphasizing his commitment to opinion. Chapek’s could mean hopeful filmmakers are struggling to take their Disney animated film ideas as seriously as they deserve in the studio.

Chapek’s opinion shows that he doesn’t understand the importance of nostalgia. Children are not the ones who feel nostalgic; being adults. Believing that adults have no interest in animation immediately suggests that Chapek doesn’t perceive the currents that run through popular culture — currents that determine whether Disney movies succeed, animated or otherwise. Ironically, the controversy over Chapek’s cartoon comes days after acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro covered the same topic with: Discuss movie. “Animation is not a genre for children,‘ insisted del Toro.’It’s a means. Animation is movie. Animation is art and it can tell stories that are beautiful and complex.Disney‘s Bob Chapek would do well to heed those words.

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