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Disney CEO Claims Adults Don’t Like Watching Animated Movies

Disney CEO Bob Chapek is again surrounding himself with controversy for claiming that animated movies are for kids and adults don’t like them.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has come under fire again for claiming that adults don’t enjoy watching animated movies. In 2020, former Disney CEO Bob Iger stepped down from the role, but was replaced by Chapek, who was the chairman of Disney Parks at the time. The transition from predecessor to successor was anything but smooth, however, as Chapek’s ascension to the role was immediately met by the COVID-19 pandemic that halted much of Disney’s operations. Meanwhile, Iger and Chapek reportedly argued shortly afterwards when Chapek turned down Iger’s offer to stay on and help navigate the pandemic.


Additionally, since taking on the CEO role, Chapek has faced several criticisms of his decisions. Notable instances that have fueled the controversy surrounding Chapek include when Pixar employees expressed frustration at their films being released exclusively on Disney+, the contemporaneous theatrical film, and Disney+. Black Widow that subsequently led to Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against the company, and the treatment of Flordia’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, which was criticized by Disney employees and the public alike. Chapek’s current track record during his brief stint as Disney CEO to date has reportedly already amassed Disney executives wanting his replacement, and Iger reportedly stated the appointment was a mistake.

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In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal (via brew cartoon/Twitter), Chapek is bringing more negative attention to itself with a claim that animation is just for kids, not adults. These comments immediately sparked negative reactions, including one from The Lego Movement co-director Christopher Miller. Check out Miller’s quote and response above.

“I always say that when” [parents] putting their kids to bed at night after watching [an animated film], they probably won’t tune into another animated movie. They want something for them.”

Why Chapek’s view of animation is misleading

From his take on animated movies, it seems like he believes that adults can’t get much fun from an animated movie. Despite being the CEO of Disney along with Disney and Pixar who are known for producing adult themed animated films with emotional complexity that resonate with all age groups, Chapek doesn’t seem to understand Disney’s audiences. Disney animated films have also been nominated for awards such as Best Picture at the Academy Awards in the past, such as Beauty and the Beast, Upwards, and toy story 3, so obviously a lot of people believe that animation is more than just a genre aimed at kids.

With all the heat already focused on Chapek in the past, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to see him land back in a familiar position. That said, it is interesting to see the CEO of Disney make comments that ignore the creators and fans of one of the company’s profitable areas. It’s worth keeping an eye on how people will continue to react to this statement, as well as what else Chapek plans to do or say in the future.

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Source: Wall Street Journal (via brew cartoon/Twitter)

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