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Disenchanted Trailer Reveals New Musical Number For Enchanted Sequel

Disney’s full Disenchanted trailer reveals the first new musical number of the Enchanted sequel, starring Idina Menzel and James Marsden.

Disney is new disappointed trailer reveals the first musical number of the highly anticipated enchanted continuation. The musical fairytale film first captivated audiences in 2007, introducing the world to Amy Adams as Princess Giselle of Andalasia. With a mix of live-action and classic animation, enchanted paid tribute to Disney princess stories in a satirical way. Nearly a decade and a half later, Adams will re-record Giselle alongside a cast of new and familiar faces.


disappointed continues ten years after the first film as Giselle leaves city life for the suburbs with her husband Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and stepdaughter Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino). Though she tries to settle in, Giselle longs for the nostalgia of her old fairytale homes. When she tries to bring it back with a spell, things go horribly wrong and the sweet princess turns into an evil stepmother. Idina Menzel and James Marsden return for the sequel along with a host of new talents such as SNL alum Maya Rudolph, Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown, cheerfulness‘s Jayma Mays, en The officeby Oscar Nuñez.

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Disney revealed the first musical number from the family film in a feature film disappointed trailer. Offering the best look at the film yet, one of the standout moments is when Nancy Tremaine (Menzel) and Prince Edward (Marsden) sing a birthday song to Giselle’s baby. Check out this moment and more in the trailer below.

What to expect from the Enchanted 2

The new musical comedy, which will be released on Disney+ on November 24, would feature a host of original songs from enchanted‘s iconic award-winning writing duo Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. While the first film followed a standard fairytale recipe, the sequel seems to have concocted more of an original post-happy ever after plot. It becomes a race against time, with Giselle trying to undo a spell that was meant to bring a little bit of Andalasia to the suburbs.

Unlike the first movie, disappointed will see Giselle channel her dark side. When her Andalasian magic backfires, she turns into a quintessential evil stepmother. This could prove a problematic move for the sequel, as most of the first film’s charm and success came from Adam’s comedic portrayal of a doe-eyed princess. Disney has gone the way of turning character archetypes into sequels that haven’t been as successful in the past. This is how Cruella De Vil was reformed in 102 Dalmatians. Of course, watching Giselle become a villain can also be a lot of fun. Only time will tell if disappointed ensures the right balance.

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