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Did Riley Make The Right Choice At The End Of Hellraiser 2022?

End of 2022 HellraiserRiley prefers the Lament configuration over the Lazarus configuration, but whether she makes the right decision is open to interpretation. The Lazarus setup would have brought back Riley’s brother, who accidentally killed them, but there would be a catch, and judging by the Cenobites’ other “rewards,” the downside was probably a doozy. The Lament configuration, on the other hand, condemns Riley to “a life of regret, bitter and short.” As she and her roommate, Colin, flee the final scene of the film, he asks her if she thinks she made the right choice. Riley doesn’t answer.


Despite her silence at the end of the novel Hellraiser, it is clear that Riley has indeed made the right choice with the Lament Configuration. Like the original 1987 version, Hellraiser reboot has a puzzle box with six configurations, each representing a different reward. Progressing to the next configuration requires a sacrifice performed by sadistic interdimensional beings called Cenobites, and whoever holds the box at the sixth configuration gets the prize. When Riley’s brother, Mike, becomes the first sacrifice, Riley sets out to win the Lazarus configuration prize to bring him back. However, as she finds out, the Cenobites have a pretty retarded idea of ​​what a reward is. So, while she spends much of the film working on the Lazarus configuration, at the end of… Hellraiser 2022 she makes the right choice: the Lament Configuration.

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How Riley’s Lament Configuration Choice Was an Act of Redemption?Riley reads the famous book for the Lament Configuration puzzle box in Hellraiser 2022

The Hellraiser franchise is largely about the pursuit of extreme thrills and its consequences. Where the original 1987 Hellraiser movie focuses on sadomasochistic sex, but the reboot revolves around substance abuse. Due to the character of Riley, a recovering addict, Hellraiser 2022 cleverly reuses the franchise’s sacrifice-for-reward conceit to show how addiction often hurts the people around the user as much or more than the user himself. It’s Riley’s substance abuse that leads her to Trevor and the puzzle box, but it’s her family and friends who pay the highest price. By choosing the Lament configuration and living with regret over the Lazarus configuration, which would resurrect her brother, Riley not only gains a satisfyingly selfish to selfless character arc, but she redeems herself by refusing to run away from the consequences. of her actions.

Why Riley Was Right Not To Revive Matt In Hellraiser 2022

Hellraiser The Cenobites of 2022 can best be described as anti-angels. To them, pain is pleasure, divine flesh. So while the Lazarus configuration might have sounded good in theory, in practice it would have been a nightmare. At best, it would have put Matt back in the flesh and only in the flesh, leaving Riley with an eerie shell of the brother she knew and loved. More likely it would have doomed him to an eternity of pain. Pinhead says Matt’s “ending was excellent‘, which in Cenobitic terms means he probably suffered a lot. If Riley had chosen the Lazarus configuration, the Cenobites would probably have returned him to the state of suffering he was in when he died, considering it generosity.

Riley may never know for sure if she made the right choice at the end of Hellraiser 2022. That’s part of the deal, though. Not only does the Lamentation configuration doom her to a lifetime of regret for her brother’s death, but it always leaves her wondering if she could have done more and whether by rejecting the Lazarus configuration she was turning down a huge opportunity. At least it’s her cross to wear. Matt’s troubles are over. For Riley, who has spent her whole life as other people’s crosses, that’s a big deal.

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