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Devon Sawa Brings Back One Of His 90s Characters In New Video

Devon Sawa shares a video where one of his most famous characters, Anton in ., returns Inactive hands. Known as a teenage heartthrob in the 1990s and early 2000s, Sawa is also famous for his role as Alex in Final destination, but he disappeared from Hollywood for an extended period shortly after, taking a break from acting and focusing on beating his alcohol addiction. More recently, the actor returned to the screen in several films, as well as in the Chucky TV series, in which he was killed not once, but twice in season 1 as two different characters. Surprisingly, Sawa announced that he would be returning for Chucky season 2, not as a resuscitated corpse but in a brand new role, as skeptical priest Father Bryce.


Inactive hands, which does include a few resuscitated corpses, is a 1999 horror comedy that tells the story of irresponsible stoner Anton (Sawa) who goes undetected for seven days when his parents are dead before discovering that his possessed hand is responsible for their death. The beloved but controversial film also starred Jessica Alba, Elden Henson, Seth Green and Vivica A. Fox. Inactive hands was directed by Rodman Flender who, in addition to directing Leprechaun 2, is known for directing episodes of various TV shows such as: The office and Scream: The TV Series.

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sawaseen “smoking” nutmeg and oregano from an inhaler bong, shared a video on his Instagram to do a double duty of Inactive hands and Final destination last Friday in a drive-in theater. In the clip, timed perfectly to coincide with Halloween, Sawa slips back into character as Inactive hands‘ Anton and explains that he is . fog co-stars, but is excited to hear that Blink-182 is back on tour, alluding to the legendary 90s soundtrack the film had. Logging out with his possessed hand gripping his face, the actor hit all tracks with nostalgia.

Could Idle Hands 2 ever happen?

Sawa would like to do another Inactive hands movie, according to previous interviews, whether that be a sequel or a reboot. He likens his experience on the film set to a summer camp because of the fun he had, and would like to see a non-90s version of the film. What this would look like is unknown as there are currently no plans to make another one Inactive hands. However, with the protagonist interested in being involved, it is always more likely that it can be considered in the future.

Inactive hands was very out of date, so it might not work well with a modern audience, in the same way that american pie wouldn’t be well received with its overly sexual and perhaps toxic masculine undertones. An updated version would be interesting though, with references to a very different social media-led culture from today. The original Inactive hands has gained cult status over the years, and not always for the right reasons. Whether that helped or hindered the film’s reputation is up for debate, but it did mean that Inactive hands went down in history as a classic (and somewhat problematic) 90s horror film, so there’s always the chance of a sequel in the future.

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Source: Devon Sawa/Instagram



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